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Don’t Have a Major? Don’t Panic!

Hey hey hey!

It’s only week number three of the semester, and it already feels like we have been back at school for months since everything is now in full swing and classes are piling on homework and exams like no other. A very important way to make it through these demanding semesters is to make sure you are in courses that you love and are passionate about. Now granted, here at Muskingum we have to take so many LAE’s before we can graduate and those are not always the most fun, but when it comes to your main educational courses here (or anywhere for that matter) you should be thoroughly enjoying what you are doing.

Now that spring is just around the corner and a lot of you are probably receiving those lovely acceptance letters and making your final decision on where you would like to officially attend in the Fall, a topic that scares most incoming freshman is what they are going to major in. So if you are feeling this way…YOU ARE NOT ALONE! :)

But hear me when I say this: DO NOT PANIC!
You really have plenty of time to figure this out.

I have changed my major at least four or five times since I have stepped foot on this campus four years ago, and it has taken a lot of time thinking and experimenting with different occupations until I finally decided what it was I was passionate about and wanted to do for a living.

The great thing about a school like Muskingum is that even though the Liberal Arts classes we have to take for credits toward graduation seem pointless and monotonous at times, they can really be of help for students who aren’t quite sure what they are really passionate about. If it wasn’t for taking an introductory psychology course my freshman year to fulfill one of the LAE categories, I would never have discovered how passionate and intrigued by psychology I am.

My advice to all high school seniors is this: go to college and experience your first year and see what jumps out at you–more than likely something is going to spark your interest if you do not already have an idea about what it is you might want to do. On the other hand, if you think you have a profession set in stone…remember that this could change. There are students who come in knowing what they want to do from day one and graduate with that same degree, but there are also a large number of students who come to college with one idea for a degree and leave with another.

There are endless possibilities that you are not even aware are out there until you set foot on a college campus as a student and begin exploring all these options for yourself!

Good luck and have a great week!
If you have any questions regarding picking a major or anything at all feel free to email me and I would be more than happy to give you my greatest Muskie advice!

Ashley :)

Dining Hall Hacks

I know it’s been a while…. I feel like I really hit the ground running second semester, so it took me a while to get back into the swing of things!

I thought I’d talk about the dining hall today, keeping with Connor’s food theme from his post. I thought I’d share with you some tricks of the trade… creations we college students have learned to make in the dining halls to keep things exciting.

1. We’ll start with beverages: first, it’s fun to mix the coffee/hot chocolate options to make whatever flavors you want. Also you can always make iced coffee, if that’s your preference. Mixing Mello Yello and blue Powerade together makes a drink that’s basically Baja Blast. Also there’s some trick I remember seeing people do freshman year that involved putting blue and red Powerade together… somehow you could do it so they didn’t mix, so you had half red, half blue Powerade (with some purple in the middle). You’ll have to ask someone else how that bit of science works.

2. As far as food goes… the Panini press in Patton Dining Hall is always great for grilling sandwiches, quesadillas, breakfast burritos… really whatever you can create. In general, don’t limit yourselves to the foods that are ‘supposed’ to go together. Breakfast burritos are never technically an option, but on weekends there’s always eggs and bacon or sausage, plus cheese on the salad bar and tortillas in the bread rack. You’ve just got to be creative, mix and match the options. And if there still isn’t a food you want, cinnamon toast is always delicious.

3. Desserts are some of my favorite dining hall hacks. Milkshakes are easily made out of soft serve and milk (white or chocolate). Peanut butter is delicious on a bowl of ice cream, especially if you melt it first (there’s a microwave!). Root beer (or any pop) can always be combined with ice cream to make floats, and two cookies with soft serve between them makes an excellent ice cream sandwich.

Well, there are some creative dining hall hacks, and I’m sure there are more to be invented! Happy eating!

Hello everyone!
Welcome to a new week, I hope it brings new and exciting things! Something that never gets old though is going to the Bait Shop, a café on the quad! Last Friday I found some time to “CATCH” some lunch at the Bait Shop (bad puns are my specialty) and I wasn’t the only one! It is super convenient way to stay by your classes and get something for lunch instead of walking all the way back to your room or dining hall.
Personally I love the Bait Shop best of all! Especially their peperoni rolls (that’s my usual) but they also serve a lot of other great foods like hamburgers, salads, and the classic P B &J. What really hooks people into the bait shop though is the meal-exchange. In technical terms this means you can swipe your student id and it counts as a dining meal for a prepared food that day. HOWEVER in college students eyes it means great convenient food without having to pay more money, even if every other college student has the same idea and you have to wait awhile in line

If you scroll down and look at the picture with me and a wonderful lady, you’ll notice two things!

  • The lovely Bait Shop ladies always have a smile on their face.
  • I am horrible at taking selfies!

The Bait Shop Ladies have to deal with that long line of hungry students everyday yet they are still always very helpful and friendly! In fact when I won homecoming king, they saved a clipping of the newspaper of it for me. I think their great food and friendly service is just another great part about being a Muskingum students, and that’s why they just keep reeling us in! I’ll end this post with that last bad pun and hope if you ever go to the bait shop you’ll tell them the king sent you.

See you next time!



Hey Everyone!

If you didn’t catch the excitement from the title of this post, I will try again: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! It is kind of neat because I turn 22 on the 22nd. Celebrating my birthday has something that I have struggled with since I came to college, simply because it just is not the same as being with your family on your special day. However, over the past three years Skype, Facetime and phone calls have really been a necessity, that has helped mend the absence of my family being physically with me on my birthday.

Since I am now as Taylor Swift would say, “feeling 22″ I figured I would share 22 random facts about myself, so everyone can have a little better idea of the crazy person you read posts from every week! (HaHa!)

1. I have to make my bed every single morning or it drives me a little nuts
2. I work in a Donut Shop and have to get up as early as 4:30 a.m. during the summer to work
3. My favorite thing to do in the summer is to sit outside and read a good book
4. I have to have everything in my room in the same exact spot all the time when it’s not in use
5. All of my notes are highlighted in about 5 different colors
6. I highly enjoy doing arts and crafts projects from Pinterest
7. Mortuary science is the most intriguing profession to me
8. I changed my major about five times since I have been to college
9. My dad is a power lifter (this isn’t necessarily about me but it’s a pretty cool fact)
10. I prefer Coke over Pepsi, water over pop, but coffee is by far above them all (probably shouldn’t be…)
11. Just in my dorm room alone I have 14 different bottles of lotion and 12 different bottles of body spray
12. I still sleep with a stuffed animal
13. It is January and I have the air conditioner on in my dorm room
14. My goal is to never own another type of car besides a Mustang
15. I do not like to watch much T.V. (by this I mean that my T.V. is on maybe a few times a month)
16. When I do watch T.V. it is usually with the sound muted
17. I use 3-4 different tubes of mascara at the same time when getting ready
18. I could eat anything pasta related for every meal of my life
19. I also have a slight addiction to peanut butter
20. I am graduating college in December (wooo hoo!)
21. I am making it a goal to do a mud run/obstacle course run this summer
22. I would like to be in physique competitions after college

There you have it!
Have a great weekend!

Clubbing at Muskingum

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to a new week and a new blogger! My name is Connor Hann and I am junior Environmental Science Major at Muskingum University from Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Over the next semester I am sure you will get to know me more through the great and the not so great stories I will share. I decided to share a story about what made me stick around Muskingum aka my clubbing experience.

One look at Muskingum and you know that my experience didn’t involve strobe lights and techno. For those that haven’t seen or been to Muskingum, when you do you will see in New Concord  a Circle K, Subway, Crenos Pizza, a Fuel Mart and some mom & pop shops but you will NEVER see a club. So what was my clubbing experience? You got it! I joined school clubs like Circle K International, Equality Alliance, and many, many more.  Over the past three years I have many great clubs memories but I’ll share the one that at first scared me the most.

I was a new, shy freshman who was ready to get involved in something, but not ready for the attention. Well, freshman Connor decided to sign up for almost everything at our club fair (Involvement fair) thinking I could blend in. BUT when I showed up to the first meeting of Optimist club, I realized it’s hard to blend into a group of 5 people and not be noticed. Especially when they single you out and sign you up for an event already. But in way that is how Muskingum is here: You need to just JUMP IN. People will always be ready to support you here, but it is up to you to be involved! Although I felt like I wanted to run out of the room that meeting, I am really glad I didn’t! That’s all this time folks, have a great week and see you next Monday!

See you!


Getting Back Into It

Hello Hello Hello!

It seems like it has been forever since I last posted–I hope everyone had a terrific holiday and enjoyed the time off of school even though it did not feel like it was long enough!

The hardest thing about having a month off of school when you are in college is that it is VERY hard to get back into the swing of things and “re-motivate” yourself to do your homework and maintain a regular weekly schedule again. However, if you work in a donut shop like I do (which I’m going to assume most of you don’t) coming back to school and getting up at 7:20 a.m. feels like sleeping in when I had to get up around 5 a.m. almost everyday of vacation. Try doing that AND having the terrible temptation to eat donuts all day long–a terrible combination.

Another early distraction upon returning back to campus is all of your friends that you probably didn’t see much over break…if at all. For example, my best friend lives in California, so besides a few phone calls and a lot of texting, I really missed her company. Of course I am going to want to hang out and catch up with my friends before I start working on reading new chapters and doing assignments, as would any other student at Muskingum.

However, I told myself today after looking at all of my syllabi and realizing that I could be working ahead on a few things, that I better get started. It is way better to get ahead then get caught in the vicious cycle of always being behind and trying to play, “catch up.” Trust me this is very easy to do in college if you are not careful.

Well, I am going to continue making some notecards for my online Medical Terminology class, and hope that you all have a more positive attitude about being back at school than I do!

Talk to you all next week!
Ashley :)

Muskingum Stories: Students gain hands-on experience in city planning

For today’s college students, few occasions compare to that of receiving firsthand experience in their field of study prior to graduation. For a handful of political science and public affairs majors each year, just that opportunity is available.

Muskingum University’s Center for Regional Planning and Development affords students the chance to work with a local city government or non-profit agency to help with matters of regional or local planning. Students are able to give back to local communities and gain invaluable professional experience in matters of local government; their services also greatly benefit those municipalities and agencies for which they work, often saving thousands of dollars that they might have paid to a consulting firm.

The Center for Regional Planning and Development employs an interdisciplinary approach to offer students a venue for solving real-world problems and involves students and faculty from several departments and disciplines.

The Center for Regional Planning and Development, directed by Dr. Walter Huber of the Political Science Department, was founded in 2004 by Huber and Dr. Stephen Van Horn of the Geology Department with a Symbols of Excellence Grant from President Anne Steele. (Prior to 2004, Drs. Huber and Van Horn worked with students on several different projects, but there was no formal group.)

The Center is currently partnering with the City of Zanesville to create a master plan that “will outline a long-term vision for areas such as housing, parks and recreation, downtown, transportation, economic development, community and cultural efforts, historic areas and land use,” according to an article in the Zanesville Times-Recorder. The master plan will guide decisions made by the city for the next couple of decades.

Students working on the master plan for the City of Zanesville are enrolled in two of Huber’s courses: Regional Planning and Community Planning Workshop.  The eight students involved will “learn how to do strategic planning as well as regional planning and then work on the project with me.” There is also a paid intern, funded by the City of Zanesville. The project will span the entire 2014-15 academic year.

Huber explains that “Students will be involved completely in all stages [of the creation of Zanesville’s master plan]: developing data, presenting it to the group, helping to facilitate, writing drafts of each chapter, attending council meetings, and revising the plan.” Students will receive training in each aspect of the process.

The current project is not the first that the Center has partnered with the City of Zanesville to complete. Prior to helping with the creation of a master plan, the Center for Regional Planning and Development: assisted with the redrawing of ward boundaries; analyzed the effectiveness and efficiency of the police department’s patrol routes and response times; and conducted a member satisfaction survey for the Zanesville Downtown Association.

Huber explains where the Center had its beginning: “[The City of] Zanesville contacted me years ago to help them with a 10,000 piece mail survey.  I found students to work with me to complete the project and it was a great success for all involved.  Students got hands-on experience and were able to apply theory to practice, I was able to extend the classroom to a real-world setting, and the city got professional work completed at an amazing price.”

Read about an alumna whose experience in political science at Muskingum paved the way for her career success. She now serves as the Village Administrator of New Concord!


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