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In light of Min’s great post about homecoming, I thought I’d add a little more about the weekend and about what I did!

First, I had the opportunity Friday afternoon to sing with the Concert Choir for the Board of Trustee dinner in the chess center. We were asked to sing by President Steele, and it was wonderful to see how happy she was when we finished, and how appreciative everyone at the dinner was of our performance.

Then, like Min, I spent Friday evening at Varsity Revue (the talent show) and hanging out with the many wonderful friends I’ve made at Muskingum.

Saturday morning I worked in the Admissions office and got to meet some alumni and their kids, and then I went and stood on Lakeside to watch the parade. Part of the parade is always a float contest, and some of the floats were very impressive!

After the parade I went to the big tent on the East Lawn to eat the meal that was provided for everyone: board of trustees, alumni, parents, and students alike. There were also activities on the East Lawn like golfing and a photo booth. My roommate and I raced each other in giant inflatable hamster balls! Then we went to the football game against Otterbein for a little while, and watched the Muskies score the first touchdown!

One of my favorite parts of the whole weekend, however, was that my honorary won the banner contest! We’re a bit of a lesser-known group on campus, since we aren’t Greek, so winning was very cool for us, and was a great way to get our name out there. Plus, we worked very hard on our banner, so it was nice to see all of that work pay off!


How to get the most out of your campus visit

This post was previously published on August 3, 2010.

Visiting college campuses is one of the most important parts of the college search process. How will you get a feel for what a place is truly like unless you see it in person? That said, here are some tips to make sure you have the best possible experience on campus.

  • Call ahead when you plan to visit campus so that you can be scheduled for a tour. Admission offices will do their best to accommodate you if you arrive unannounced, but some might have limited appointments or be unable to find a tour guide on short notice.
  • If you want to see a particular part of campus, meet with a faculty member or athletic coach, or eat a meal in the dining hall, ask! Admission offices can typically make arrangements for you, but be sure to make your request before arriving on campus. It’s helpful for admission staff to have at least a week to set up special visits.
  • The best time to visit is during the week (Monday through Friday) when classes are in session. Summer and Christmas break are not as good; you won’t get an accurate picture of campus life when students are not on campus.
  • Make two list of questions – one list to ask an admission counselor and one for students. It’s especially important to talk to students – they aren’t paid to say nice things about their school, and they will tell you the truth.
  • Document your trip! Jot down a few notes on your way home so that you can remember things you liked or disliked. Some students take photos or video of campus. This is a great idea, because it will help you remember the schools you’ve seen. Campus visits start to run together after a while.
A perfect autumn day on campus

A perfect autumn day on campus

Homecoming this past weekend

IMG_0347 IMG_0354 IMG_0351

Last weekend was our Muskingum Homecoming, there were a lot of alumni that came back and visited school. There are a lot of changes to our school. We are building a new library, we added new equipment to resident halls, such as air conditioning for buildings as well as, painting the walls again, and new showers, etc. One thing never changed for us is that we are all Muskies.

Last Friday night, the school held a talent show for Muskies, and we got to vote in the most popular students to be our homecoming Queen and King. One of my friends, Christine was in the top three, so she could have been Queen. I really wanted to see her dress up because usually she dresses like a boy. That night, she was beautiful and really like queen. Even though she is not the queen, I still like her and think she is pretty.

Everyone has talent but we don’t see it in a normal day. I didn’t know one girl in my class could sing beautifully or that some boys could dance, and the lovely girl she is the cheer leader. Everyone likes a shiny start on Friday night.

I will be graduating next May. I hope I get the chance come back during Homecoming to visit all my friends here.

Greek Life


Some people think that Greek Life is about hazing and partying. That is not the case at Muskingum! Our Greek Life is a body of respectful and unified individuals. Last spring, our organizations organized a fundraiser to get a special bike made for a young girl named Ashley. Ashley was very excited to have her new bike and spoke about her gratitude with her “tobii” device, a device she uses to communicate. Greek Life is full of opportunities to give back to the community.

It’s All About The Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to spend some time in this post talking about a few things I did this past weekend, and what to expect on Muskingum’s campus this weekend.

For starters, I have been very stressed lately about a lot of different things and nothing was bringing me out of the “depressed” state I was in–not even ice cream which is a HUGE shocker! Saturday night, my best friend and I started off the evening going on a night-time run;this is a great way to relieve stress, and clear your head. I recommend to anyone that likes to run to try this out when you’re feeling stressed, or if you don’t like running, try taking a walk. Any time where you can just be with your thoughts, while getting your blood pumping is a great way to push any negative thoughts out of your head.

After the run, MPB (Muskingum Programming Board) was putting on their annual event, “Banana Extravaganza.” This is a banana split eating contest where teams of 4 compete to see who can eat their plates the quickest. The catch? You must stay on your knees and you cannot use your hands! If you aren’t brave enough to participate in the contest, it is always a lot of fun to watch the event, and receive the free ice cream available afterwards. My best friend and some of her sorority sisters participated in the contest and won, so it was fun to watch them get covered in ice cream, while I stayed clean from the sidelines. :)
Sunday, involved a donut date to Tim Horton’s with again, my best friend (if you can’t tell we are pretty inseparable) and a nice walk around the reservoir. This is a place that is about 5 minutes from campus (a nice park), that is absolutely beautiful, especially in the fall. It was nice to just be out in the fresh air, and take in all the beautiful sights around us. I always have found nature to be so peaceful because it is so much bigger than you and its really easy to let it envelop you and help you find a sense of security in your surroundings.

This weekend on campus, however, is bringing lots of excitement for all students—Homecoming. The weekend will start off on Friday night with our annual talent show called, Varsity Revue. Students from all around the campus perform, as well as the sororities/fraternities preparing either skits or dances–sometimes both! Saturday, will be filled with school spirit as there will be many tailgates with free food to get fired up for the home game at 1 p.m. Keep your fingers crossed for a Muskie Win against Otterbein! The night concludes with a dance in the gym which will be celebrated Vintage 1837 style–it will be neat to see how the gym is decorated for this.

This is always a weekend where there are a lot of students, parents and alumni on campus so it definitely brings forth a lot of excitement for everyone. Muskingum is definitely its own community, and each and every one of you are more than welcome to join the family!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the pictures I have attached!
Ashley :)




Etiquette Dinner and Camp Muskie!

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a couple of great events put on by the university!

The first was the Etiquette Dinner, which was on Friday night. We had to sign up in advance, so when we got there a place was set for us with a name card. We had to dress professionally, and the place setting was very sophisticated. The event was put on by career services, and we were taught lots of facts and tips about etiquette that we then got to put into place while eating delicious food. I learned lots of things that could be very useful in a dinner or lunch interview or meeting.

The second event was Camp Muskie, which was put on by student life on Saturday night and was a blast! This was the first Camp Muskie, and it took place in the hollow right on campus. We all had to bring our own tent and sleeping bag (although there was also an opportunity to win these things!), but food was provided. We cooked dinner, breakfast, and snacks over the fire. A couple of professors came down and played music around the campfire, plus there was a night hike, flashlight tag, star gazing, and just quality time spent with lots of great people.


My weekend

In China, people think that autumn is a harvest season, the festive season. Farmers go through a year of hard labor to have the rich fruit.  I like the autumn very much, because I was born in that season.

Autumn in the United States is always so beautiful, golden leaves falling down and covering the whole street. Autumn is not as hot as summer, nor as cold as winter, everything is just right.


I went to Falling Water last week. It was so amazing. The house is built on the water. Everything connected with the nature. It was a raining day, kind of cold, but it still could not stop the visitor from anywhere from coming there. They do not allow people to take pictures after we entered the living room. Actually, the room inside was very big and had two parts. When people take pictures outside, we can probably only see one part of the building.

Last Saturday, I went to the James Singer Activity Center in Zanesville to help students finish the content work. The Gym offered different boxes with markers, scissors, paper, and tape. Everything they needed, and when they finished their project, they could have gifts. My student his brother was really sweet. The boy cannot carry his project home so the big brother give up to carrying his project home, instead helped his little brother carry his.

That was my weekend, and I kept studying hard for my exam this week.


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