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One More Week!

Hey everyone, so I know I have written about this topic before. Sorry! But here at Muskingum University, we have this AWESOME literary magazine called First Circle. With First Circle you have the opportunity to because a published author, poet, or even artist. How cool is that? Literary magazine are a growing continuum within the creative world. Literary magazines across the country have really began picking up steam. And they are a great opportunity for young writers and artist to get their work out into the universe. I mean you never know who is going to see it. This could be your big break! Well, anyways First Circle will be accepting submissions all next week. The deadline to submit your work is Friday February 12th.  Officially, the First Circle editors are expecting no more than 3 poem per person and for short story no more than 2,500 words. However feel free to submit more there is just no guarantee which ones will be picked. Anyone on campus can submit their works. So please feel free to send in your submissions. Remember the deadline is Friday the 12th. So get to writing, painting, drawing, whatever it is you do artistically.

Survival of the Sleepiest

Hey *yawn* guys. So, *yawn* you know what sucks?


Sleep deprivation, that’s what. You’d think 13+ years of school-filled days would teach us to organize our time and develop a pretty decent sleep schedule. Boy, were we wrong.  It’s like no matter how much sleep you get, sometimes you just don’t feel fully rested. And that leaves you *yaaawn* doing that all day! I have been having the biggest sleep struggle lately and instead of trying to best my energy-depriving foe, I’ve decided to find some ways to survive through the days when you feel like a zombie. So here’s some tips:

  1. Caffeine. Whatever your poison may be (Coffee, tea, energy drinks) make sure you have a quick supply at hand for the mornings. I emphasize mornings because getting caffeinated at night, which you may be tempted to do, can keep you from getting that sleep you obviously need. When I have time I always stop at the bookstore before class to get a Monster.
  2. Don’t OVER-SLEEP. My mistake was that I always thought I needed at least 9-10 hours of sleep. But as it turns out, getting too much sleep can do weird things to your system and trick your body into thinking it’s still tired. With 7-8 hours of sleep you actually wake up feeling pretty rested for the rest of the day. You may feel that initial sleepiness at first but once you get moving you’ll be good to go.
  3. Naps. One advantage to being a college student is that you get more free time during the day, depending on your class schedule. So use that to your advantage. Go back to your dorm, put on your pj’s, dive under your blankets, and crash. BUT only for an hour or two. Like I said, you don’t want to oversleep and if you nap for too long you won’t be tired when you actually go to bed.
  4. Finally, there’s my last resort, walking. I say last resort because of all the hills on campus that I just hate climbing. Plus the fact that it’s getting super cold now. But I have to admit, getting worn out after let’s say a 15-20 minute walk around campus is a pretty sure-fire way to get yourself tired enough to go to sleep.

So there you have it. The sleepy time survival guide by yours truly. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have just traversed multiple hills and sets of stairs and I’m starting to see stars. Goodnight all. PEACE.


I’m taking Dr. Kaluhiokalani’s Zombies in Literature class and this week we have shifted our focus to The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye. So in other words, I’m reading a comic book for class. I have to say my reading list this semester is pretty sweet, and I’ve enjoyed this comic so much, I ordered the next three volumes through OhioLink. Now, why am I making such a huge deal out of this? It’s just a comic book, right? Wrong. It’s a fascinating way to study zombies from an academic perspective and then still revel in the fact that zombies – much like sparkling vampires (ugh) – have become part of our culture and that as a student, you get to talk about zombies for an entire semester.

In this class, Dr. Kaluhiokalani has started us out from an academic perspective: the history of zombies, how they became prevalent in our culture, and other academic aspects. The really cool thing about taking a class like this? You also get to watch zombie films and television shows and then talk about it in class. This class takes place at 2 in the afternoon and is my last class of the day. It really helps that Dr. Kaluhiokalani is full of energy to keep his students engaged in the subject matter, although, given the fact that we’re talking about zombies, it’s not hard to look forward to going to his class.

If you ever have the chance to take it, no matter your major, I recommend it. You will certainly never be bored.






There is an Awakening in the Brewed

Okay, so I could not resist in using this pun off of the new Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens and don’t worry there won’t be any spoilers included here!  Brewed Awakening is a free coffee, cider, and hot chocolate event every Thursday night. Brewed Awakenings may not get the enormous numbers of people going to it like The Force Awakens but comparable to Muskingum student population, a lot of people go to Brewed Awakenings every week. The timing is perfect too! Just after getting through the middle of the week lots of students need a little boost to get through the last of the work due Friday. Plus it is probably the closest we get to a scene from the television show Friends. All the coffee is provided through Student Senate too. There are even student baristas that run the show!!! How could Brewed Awakenings get any better? Each week something new is happening at Brewed Awakenings!

Each week a new student organization signs up to run the event, by planning the music and even sometimes other activities. Did I mention that they decide what the free food is that week too? Free pizza and a cup of hot cider? Sounds like a great Thursday night to me! This past Thursday was hosted by WMCO radio group on campus. They were celebrating their 55th anniversary and they celebrated it the right way! With cake! They also did a raffle for some prizes, had relaxing crafts to make and some awesome music playing. WMCO members even approach some people asking them if they would be interested in joining their group. The week before a sorority called Alpha Sigma Alpha supplied some great foods and some information about stopping human trafficking. Totally different event but both great. So even though this week will be different, when it comes Thursday you can always count on there being an Awakening in the Brewed

Until next time,


Hugh Martin Guest Writer

The Department of English is such a great department here at Muskingum University. Not only does the Faculty encourage their many students to get involved on campus with such as First Circle, who will be accepting submissions for their literary magazine until February 12th, they also with the help of our newly built library will be hosting visiting writer and alumnus Hugh Martin. Is the author of a book of poem called “The Stick Soldiers.” Hugh Martin is an Iraq war veteran and his poems are based on his experiences before, during, and after his service. Hugh Martin not only graduated from Muskingum University, he is also the recipient of a Wallace Stegner Fellowship at Stanford University, and he was the inaugural winner of the Iowa Review Jeff Sharlet Award for Veterans. Martin currently teaches at Gettysburg College. Therefore, if you enjoy poetry and want to meet an amazing author and poet with such tremendous life experience come out to the library Thursday February 4th at 7pm. Hugh Martin’s reading will be held in the library’s McCalmont Colloquium Center. It should be a great time. So come join the English Department this coming Thursday.

Game Day!

Hey Muskies! You know what would be the best way to spend this weekend? Party? Psh, no. Netflix? No. You have a problem. This is a Netflix intervention. I care about you and can not stand to see you press continue watching one more time. Solving world hunger? N-well…..yeah okay that would be pretty awesome. But you’re a college student who can’t even solve your own hunger. Priorities. No, what you should do is come to the bottom of the Chess Center this Saturday at 11 am. Why you ask? Because I said so. But also because Game Club is hosting a Game Day where you can play, you guessed it, GAMES! But not just any games. Game Club holds great pride in their ridiculously large supply of your not so run-of-the-mill board and card games. So don’t come by expecting chutes and ladders or monopoly or any of that mainstream nonsense. Also, if you attend you are guaranteed a prize from the raffle prize stash. And if that’s not enticing enough, we will be supplying the ultimate college student weakness…..FREE FOOD! Game Day will be going on all day starting at 11 am and I promise good times are to be had. That’s my news for today, and I hope to see you guys there. I’ll be the one dominating Smash Up. Peace!

Author Gerhard Maroscher








I had the pleasure of finally meeting Herr Gerhard Maroscher in person. I say “finally” because he taught German at my high school, but I never got the chance to take German with him. From what I had heard of his teaching style, I truly missed out. Anyway, he wrote a book called “Why Can’t Somebody Just Die Around Here?” and before you freak out about the title, you should probably buy the book and read the intro because it’s not as off putting as it seems.

Herr Maroscher’s book tells of the story of his family and their experience with World War II and how they came to America. I highly recommend reading his book if you have the time which you can find on themaroscherstory.com





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