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Confessions of an Almost College Graduate

Hey, all! I wanted to kind of touch on a subject that I’m still not 100%  receptive of–change. As many of you may already know, I’m a senior and am set to graduate in about 2 weeks time.

So this past week , a few things have made graduation  less and less of a dream and more of an unpredictable truth.

For starters, I finally sat down and decorated my cap for graduation—might I say it looks pretty fantastic, by the way! Anyway, as I was busy crafting away,  it became more of a reality that soon, I won’t be living in the little village of New Concord. I wouldn’t be panicking come August to rush and pack up my entire room to live on campus for nine months. No more walking to the Quad for classes, no more spending hour after hour on care plans for clinical, and the list could literally go on forever. Then, I finally completed my exit counseling for my estimated payments for my student loan debt ( that’ s even scary to say still!), and it reminded me even more of how I’m moving even further away from childhood and more into adulthood.

Truth be told, I’m pretty nervous. I’d be lying if I said I was totally cool with how fast my life seems to be disappearing before my eyes. It seems like just the other day, I was the little five year old just starting kindergarten at Washington Elementary School, now I’m days away from obtaining my Bachelor’s in Nursing. Will I master the art of adulthood? Am I really able to achieve my career dream of ‘Jazmine Thomas, R.N?’ What awaits me beyond the security of undergraduate living??? Better yet, who awaits me?? Looks Like I have hopefully the rest of my natural life to figure that out.

Well, I hope my post is able to relate to somebody out there. It wasn’t meant to scare anyone away or offend, but I felt that change is something that all of us struggle with from time to time. Enjoy the last full week of classes!


Goodbye For Now

I write to you, future Muskies, with the last farewell post of the year. I am now on the final week of my freshman year (before exams) and I’m not sure if I will get to write to you next week so in case I don’t, I wanted to let you know I enjoyed writing to you this year. I hope you enjoyed getting to know about my experiences of major changes, campus events, joining a sorority and adjusting to campus life. I would also like to say that if you are still unsure of where you’d like to go for college, believe in yourself. I am confident that you will make a decision that is right for you. I’ll be back on blog staff next year to write for you again hopefully. :)

With love,


Running until the end

There’s finally about eight days left in the actual school year, I think, before finals begin. I don’t know whether I’m relieved or stressed over this fact. Currently, I’m working on one final already for my English class with Dr Wells and I feel like I’m taking too much time on that as it is. To be fair, there are three pages needed to be turned in out of five-to-eight on Friday and I’m already starting work on the fourth. Maybe I’m just taking things a little too far, but I can’t be too safe, you know? Once I get that out of the way, I have to start working on studying French with my roommate, who happens to be a French major and then I’ll be able to sneak some sleep in for tomorrow, which is going to be oddly busy for once; classes until 4PM and then a Spanish club meeting and working at Dial-a-dog from 7:30 to about 9 before starting my Math final studies. I think I just want all the work to be done and then for me to just to relax in my backyard back in Phoenix.

This semester went by a lot more quickly that I thought it would, and I’m feeling like that’s not going to go away over time, but only get worse. If that’s a blessing or a curse, I’ll know by the time I graduate in three years. Also, with 17 credit hours next semester, I think this feeling of ominous dread will be a little more common for me to feel. I would be lying if I said that I wished it was more like high school where all my classes were pretty much picked out for me, but that would be too easy, and I don’t find any real point in that.

Anyway, I better get started on getting back into writing my report for English. Seven pages by next Monday is my goal, and I think that’ll be easy to hit if I keep up writing a paragraph a night. Seven paragraph papers were what I worked best at in High School, so I think I shouldn’t have a problem. 

- Jose C.

One Thing at a Time

Things are starting to wind down at school around now–meaning, really, that everything’s acting up and there are assignments everywhere to take care of before things finish up for the year and my undergraduate life.

For me, I have plenty of assignments coming up: a presentation, papers, a creative writing portfolio. I’m lucky enough that most of my classes are writing based, so I only have one real exam that I’m going to sit down for, and the rest is (somewhat) at my own pace, aside from due dates.

That being said, my organization structure for school work has been in list format ever since I started college. I make a list of what assignments I need to do per date after making a master syllabus, and then I work from there, starting from the top. Around now, my list is reduced to one page in a relatively small notebook, meaning that each time I cross something off, I can actually see how much closer I am to being done.

Sometimes, a lot of coursework can be overwhelming: that’s why I use this method. Sure, I can see just how much I need to do, but I can also get a sense of accomplishment out of recognizing that I have one less thing to worry about. So, if I make a bunch of mini goals and do it one at a time, my entire work ethic doesn’t get thrown off just because I have new things to do that may show up out of nowhere.

This was actually useful for this morning since Anime Club needed to make adjustments to their Animpalooza event. Thankfully, I was able to look at what I had already accomplished for the day and set things aside to get my last leg of club work done. Now, I can focus on hopefully getting at least one paper out of the way and have one less thing to worry about.


Extra: Here’s the poster art for Animepalooza! Hopefully these will get made and put up soon!

Not Feeling Refreshed

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a great few days off of school–I know I did. However, it was WAY to short, and I am definitely not ready to buckle down and start studying for final exams. Softball had games on both Thursday and Friday so we had to wait a few extra days to start our break, but it was worth it. For the first time since 2008 we are going to be making an appearance in the OAC tournament next weekend. Our place within the conference is not set in stone (since we play our last OAC game Saturday) but hopefully we come out in first so we can host the tournament here at Muskingum!

After the games were over I headed to the cabin my family rented out about 30 minutes away from campus to spend the rest of the weekend with them. The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed some good home cooked meals. :)

It sure is crazy to think that there are only a few weeks until summer vacation. With that being said, my schedule definitely is not slowing down. Last night we traveled to Thomas More College (in Kentucky) so we didn’t get back until a little after midnight. It is important as a student athlete in season to stay on top of your homework so nights like those don’t throw you too far in a loop.

Keep working hard in school, but don’t forget to take some time out of the day or weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having!

Have a great week and Go Muskies!
Ashley :)

The downstairs part of the cabin

The downstairs part of the cabin

Summer Plans

Hello all!

Sooo, a long time ago I applied for one, singular internship to be a research technician in North Dakota. After 3 weeks, I gave up hope. However, last week I was contacted for a phone interview nearly TWO MONTHS after my original application.. I FREAKED OUT WITH EXCITEMENT! I knew it was a legitimate place and my professors were very excited and supportive of me while attempting to help me prepare for the interview. I ended not getting it, but I still have hope for next year as the hiring professor told me I was a good applicant and that I should re-apply next year, as he’ll be needing help next summer as well.

Disappointing as that was, I’m still extremely excited that I even got the opportunity for an interview, considering I have very few bio classes under my belt at this point. If I already come off as a good applicant, who knows what next summer will bring when I have quite a few classes under my belt! 

In any case, my summer should go well. I’m planning on taking a photography and history course to rid myself of some pesky LAE’s, and while I’ll have to grab a second job to be able to pick up the tab for those classes, I’m sure my summer will go swimmingly. I’m especially excited for the photography class as it’s a small hobby of mine, and the professor is quite the quirky fellow.

Have a great Monday night,







IMG_3219I went to the Southwester Social science association in San Antonio, TX last week.
First day: we arrive San Antonio and walk passed the famous river called River Walk Street and try Mexican food.
Second day: court, church.
It is really different that people can go inside of the court and even listen and join the cases. In my country, we are not allowed to go inside and watch. Everything in that building, like the TV drama, an enthusiasm are very nice, take us to visit before we leave the building, and take picture with us.

Two famous churches, people there are in devout prayer.
The church is a place where god lived, but generally all day is to open the door, convenient for people at any time in prayer, for poor people, that is a good place to seek temporary protection.

The NBA famous SAN Antonio Spurs team is in SAN Antonio, Texas.
The first and second picture is legendary in SAN Antonio, burly the cowboys of the west was once thrived here

Third day: Jamaica Jamaican Cuisine restaurants.
We find a Jamaica food on line and it taste of it a bit like the Chinese food, we put some yellow pepper sauce on it, it is really hot, maybe too spicy, but very delicious. Ginger beer is also very nice and has no alcohol in it. I also write my Chinese name on the wall, help someone can find that, and try good food there.
Day four:
The famous ruins of Texas for independence of The Alamo.
In 1836,the castle for independence, only 200 American civilians fight for 13days rebelled against powerful thousands of Mexican army, finally wait until reinforcements arrived, only one women and her daughter was survived.
Sunday, Easter Day!!!
In America, yesterday was Easter Day, Christians will usually go to church first, and then with the family reunion meal. That’s why people here on vacation increased obviously.
We take a boat tour of the SAN Antonio water scene, short on both sides of the river was full of all kinds of restaurants, it attracts large numbers of tourists to enjoy the water drops and dream of pleasant times.


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