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Don’t Dread Finals Week

Finals week is vastly approaching, and like any college student the daunting task of studying must begin. Many of us here at Muskingum are facing multiple tests crammed into just a few days; but the key in passing all your finals is not to procrastinate. Muskingum has many different resources for your studying needs. If you need a little extra help to prepare, check out the student success center where you can meet with tutors you are skilled to assist you in any subject area. There are also study tables that can be very helpful during this time. And like I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the professors here at Muskingum are very willing to help you and answer any questions about your up and coming tests that you have. However finals week does not have to be a stressful time if you start preparing in advance and take advantage of all of the resources here at Muskingum. Trust me life will be a lot easier if you do!


As finals turn from months away to only weeks away, days tend to blur together so that even a Friday can feel like Monday. There is so much to do when it comes to projects and tests that it doesn’t matter really what day it is, you will have something to do. Long gone are the weekends to relax and not think of schoolwork. Weekends are definitely something that is still something to look forward to but they are more like surprises now. The best surprise though to start off your weekend is seeing someone with the beloved FREE POPCORN  from the library! I’ll admit I get quite a few weird looks when someone sees me get so excited to see popcorn, so here is why I get excited!

I normally forgot it was Friday! After sitting through three long lecture classes and being reminded of all the projects, one can forgot what day it exactly is. We just how many days we have left until a project is due, not the actual day. So when I see free popcorn, I get reminded that although I still have a lot to do, tomorrow I’ll get to sleep in! It is a reminder that it will be okay, the weekend is here!

Free popcorn Fridays also means I don’t have to spend any more money! As the end of the semester keeps getting closer to the end, stress goes up and money goes down. Every chance to be able to save money means a little bit more money to spend on enjoyable things this winter break.

It is free popcorn. The simple fact that I can go to the library and get free popcorn I think is enough to get anyone excited!

So this Friday when I saw the free popcorn, I of course ran excitedly to the library in Cambridge Hall. Once I entered the library, I realized I wasn’t the only one who gets excited about free popcorn Fridays. There was like 7 people waiting on more popcorn being bagged up.  So just remember when it’s Monday it only means 4 days away from FREE POPCORN FRIDAY!!!

Until next time,


English Major Status

I absolutely love being an English major here at Muskingum University. I find that the classes are very interesting and fun to take part in. They challenge you intellectually and creatively. There are many different types of course that you can take as well being in English major. Such as Vampires in Literature, classes on Shakespeare and even different levels of creative writing in poetry, fiction and, non-fiction. You can also take different routes within your major. I specifically am on the writing track and hope to obtain a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in creative writing. The staff within the department are very helpful as well. They truly want to see each and everyone of their students succeed in whatever path they course within the major. Also being an English major you have endless graduate school options, such as Law School, in MA in English, and MFA in writing or even attend medical school. Graduate schools look for students who are well diverse and an English major can offer this. Whatever it is that you want to do in life being an English major here at Muskingum can only further those opportunities for you. So, join us you won’t regret it.


Hiya people! So after two weeks of sickness, exams, and papers, I am finally back to bring you all my weekly post. Now I’m going to be honest; trying to think of what to write this Thursday was exceedingly difficult because normally I would report something positive about the recent events and news of our beautiful Muskingum campus. But as I previously announced, my last few weeks have been rough. Starting with the dreaded E word….exams. More specifically for me, I had a history exam(history is not my strongest subject). This was my second exam for this class, this semester and, after the backlash of the first exam, I was determined to study as soon as I got the study guide. Also, the week before then I had been very sick. So while I am already sick with one thing, studying, and cramming my brain with a large amount of information, I somehow managed to get sick with something else. These were troubling times in the kingdom. It was just one thing after another, the stress was building, I was extremely anxious for the exam, and my immune system was taking the beating of a life time. During all of this, I also had multiple papers to write.

But then I remembered what my mother taught me. Take one thing at a time. I also knew the stress wasn’t healthy and that I needed to take care of myself first. So one weekend I stopped my studying and just relaxed. I drank some hot chocolate, read a good book, listened to some good music, and just cleared my mind of everything that was really making me unhealthy. One important thing to remember in school is that you are your first priority. School is important but your well being and sanity come first. After that, I had my exam and you know what? I got an A-. All that worrying for nothing. I also finally got better with a lot of antibiotics(courtesy of the campus wellness center) and some serious and well-deserved rest and relaxation. It was quite the battle but I made it and now I’m healthy and happy and that’s all that matters. Moral of the story? No matter how bad it seems or how difficult things get, as long as you’re still breathing by the end of the day, you can make it. Also, appreciate being healthy. Being sick for three weeks makes you realize how unappreciated good health is.

Alright! That’s all I got! Peace!

Your Mind Matters

Aristotle once said “The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” Time management is a wonderful tool, but in doing so we often neglect ourselves. So, I submit to you this: It is better to manage your energy rather than your time. Yes, you read that right. If you think about it, time is really a fixed construct in that everybody has the same 24 hours in which to work, dream, and create – yes, even Beyoncé. And with this in mind, we still allow ourselves to be ruled by time until we’re so stressed we want to curl into a ball and watch Netflix. (Hey, no judgment).

What is energy? Well, energy is more than just a physical construct. There’s also the mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of it, too. Mental energy is the ability to analyze, create, and be creative. Emotional energy is the ability to control and maintain one’s emotions. Now, spiritual energy doesn’t have to do with being religious or supernatural, but refers to the driving force in our lives that is associated with being purposeful. Basically, what I’m saying to you is this: take the time out to take care of your mind because with it you are a powerful force that the world needs in order for change to be made.

So how does one manage their energy? Well, it’s important to remember not to overload oneself with commitments. Find one or two things (other than your studies) to commit yourself to and give of yourself to those things that make you feel purposeful. Learn to unplug and give yourself an hour to do something mindless. For me, that’s knitting a hat and listening to Epic Rap Battles of History.

Last Week’s “Highlight Reel”

As the semester begins to start its hectic, stressful end with project deadlines and tests turning into last chance attempts to boost your grade, I thought I would reflect on the highlights that got me through the week.

First, the business office trip. The Business Office may not seem like a place you would like to visit, as most of the time they contact you to tell you that you owe money. A trip to the Muskingum Business Office although it is almost always an enjoyable experience. Over the years I have been to there a lot, thankful mainly to check on club budgets and not my own, so when I went to catch up on a club I knew I would probably be there longer than need be. Probably 3 minutes of the conversation was on the club budget, the rest of the conversation was how I needed a haircut! When you come to our business office, you get more than financial advice! They told me I should come back, but I think they just want to make sure I get the haircut!

Second were the helping hands. When every class has projects coming up, sometimes you need help with the little things. Like the Dean of Students making sure you don’t walk into the rain with papers poking out of your back pack. Or the Vice President of Student Affairs making sure your collar is not flipped up. Every little bit helps, especially this close to finals.

Lastly I reached out to one of the Biology Professors through email for advice on a Student Senate recycling program. Rather than just replying to the email with advice, he instead suggested we meet to discuss it more in person. He also reminded me in person that I should stop by his office to talk about the recycling program. After meeting with him, I not only have a lot more great ideas for the program but also a new level of respect for faculty!

Well that was last week’s “highlight reel”. As this next week is even closer to finals and project deadlines, I hope to experience these same experiences this week! Have a great week, folks!

Until next time,

Connor Hann

Have It All

While in college take as many different classes that you possibly can. You may find that your true interests are different than what you originally thought they were. I know this has happened to me not only once but twice here at Muskingum. I first came to Muskingum to pursue an English degree only. But then I got to thinking that I want to eventually write and direct my own movies, so I decided to take on a Theater minor. Then I decided that hey Journalism might be a cool major too so I added a Journalism major on top of all of that, but quickly realized that Journalism wasn’t for me, but hey it might be just the right fit for someone else so don’t knock it until you’ve at least taken one class in the department. After a very long discussion with my advisor we decided that a language major such as German would be a really great way to improve my writing and cultural skills. Also with a language major you have to study abroad, just think of all the opportunities you would have doing that. So come next fall I will more than like be a double major with English and German with a minor in Theater. What I am trying to say is that Muskingum offers so many different majors as well as minors that you should take a many classes as you can and figure out what you truly like. Also add a minor or a double major it will give you a one-up on someone who is applying for your same job in the future. It will also make a more rounded student and open up way more job opportunities. So don’t be afraid to try different things while your here and don’t be afraid to take on more than one degree, it might be crazy now but in the end it will be worth it.


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