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Summer is coming fast, but the memories will never fade

So if you have noticed in the last couple blogs, I have been counting down for the end of the school. Although I still know the days left, 6 days to be exact, I am not as anxious for the end as I was before. This year as by far the most busy and hardest year of my life and although I am excited for hopefully a more relaxing year next year there is a lot of people  I can thank for helping me get through this year. This realization happened when I realized how many of my friends are graduating in JUST 6 DAYS! 12 of my brothers (Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia) will be graduating and many fellow RAs are too. So I thought I would end the “blog season” (school year) with not something sad about them leaving but the memories they will leave me and the community with.

First off with my fraternity has this weird pheromone where two brothers randomly bumping into each other and soon brother after brother will flock to the two, forming a big group on the quad. My friend and brother Stephen referred it to me that we are all “stupid sheep”. Regardless of what you call it, those random herds of “stupid sheep” made a jam packed day of classes a lot more enjoyable. Another one of the great things that I will remember a lot of my fraternity will be the weekly musical rehearsal and trying to blend into all of their voices. Even if those rehearsals sometimes lasted for the LONGEST TIME (one of the songs!). I will always cherish the nights of endless puns, but I think we all need a summer break from those!

So being a new RA this year, I thought I would dread sitting at a desk for 6 hours to deal with any violations that would come up. I thought at least I would be able to get all my homework done. I was TOTALLY WRONG about both of those assumptions! Instead I created a lot of great memories this year from being on duty. Long nights of playing the card game euchre or just talking with my fellow RAs, who always seemed to show up with or offer to get a polar pop. I found myself even when I wasn’t on duty, getting stuck done at the lobby desk for hours talking to the RA in duty.  In fact as I write this blog, the only people that are in the lobby are 4 RAs right now. The memories of these long nights will be a great thing to look over this summer when I am actually getting quality sleep!

So I am still looking forward to 6 days for a must needed break but I will always have great memories from this year. I hope you all have a great summer and I’ll see you next year!

Until next time,

Connor Hann

I Love My Small School

As the end of the year approaches and graduation gets closer, I’ve been thinking a lot about what has really made my college experience great. Though I am not graduating in a little over a week, this is still my last semester on campus. I’ll be student teaching in the fall, so I won’t live here, I won’t be active in clubs or choir, I won’t be spending my days in Walter Hall in various music classes. So I feel like a graduating senior in a lot of ways.

Friends of mine who are graduating keep posting pictures of themselves with professors who have made their college experiences what they are, or pictures with themselves and Dr. Steele, our president. That’s a pretty neat thing that I don’t think happens everywhere. Graduating seniors are not just sad to leave friends and organizations and their college years- there are also role models and professors and classes and departments that have shaped them and molded them and taught them, and they’re leaving those behind, too.

One of my most powerful experiences this week was actually with our Wind Ensemble on campus. I’ve been working on a final project where I had to arrange a piece for them to play. It took countless hours and was very stressful, but this past Monday I got to print out all of the parts, and distribute them, and hear it played. It was such a fulfilling experience to hear a live ensemble play a ‘real’ piece of music….. that I created. I could never have done that four years ago, and it made me realize how much I’ve grown and developed because of my experiences here.

I will definitely miss Muskingum next year, not only for the friends I’ve made, but also for the experiences I have been able to have here.

MuskiePlooza: The Juggling Experience

Welcome to the last week of classes, that frankly I am not completely ready for! Finals can be a stressful time if you have lots of tests and projects to complete. Especially if you have been juggling a lot in your schedule this semester! Fortunately, like I mentioned on my last blog, this past weekend was MUSKIEPLOOZA!  This weekend was a great time to relax and to enjoy some free events. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the Friday events but I heard there was a lot fun! Saturday was the day I went to the carnival in the Rec which had bubble soccer, an obstacle machine called the “THE MELTDOWN” and a man who juggled! There were free henna tattoos, free funnel fries, free caramel apples and a free T-shirt (I’m a sucker for a free t-shirt!) too.

The “MELTDOWN” and bubble soccer were by far the most popular attractions that day. To clarify bubble soccer is when each player is in their own bubble, bumping into each other while playing soccer. The “MELTDOWN” was an inflatable platform where mechanical arms would try and either make you duck or jump. Lots of friends tried to convince me to play soccer and even more wanted to see me get hit in the “MELTDOWN”, but I decided not to. What really caught my eye was the juggling man teaching people how to juggle. I have never juggled before and I thought I better start now! So my friends soon left me to play on other things themselves while I attempted to juggle. I probably tried juggling 3 hours that day. Sadly, I don’t think I ever improved very much, but it is sooooo addicting!!! In fact I went and bought my own tennis balls later to keep trying. I then spent the late hours of the night hanging out with my friend Claudia while she was on RA duty. I’ll admit we tried juggling then too.

Sunday I closed out the weekend by having the entire west hill having a “field day” with free food and performing in a Men’s Chorus concert. Not a bad end to MuskiePlooza weekend and that is just my story. I know a lot of friends that told me how they spent MuskiePlooza weekend differently.  The great thing about this weekend though is almost everyone has fun their own way, right before it comes down to finals. This weekend was a blast and although I learned how to kind of juggle, I will still have a lot to juggle school wise in this upcoming week!

Until next time!


Staying Sane as Summer Approaches…

We’re entering the toughest part of the year. The weather is beautiful, summer is almost here…… and so many projects are due. Eek! I’ve definitely been overwhelmed recently with the amount of work I have to do, so I thought I’d share some tips.

1. To Do Lists: at the end of the semester, I like to make a list of everything I have left to do with due dates. That way it’s all in one place, and I can cross items off and watch my progress.

2. Don’t Waste Time: if you utilize all of your time in the best way possible, you can justify taking some breaks and doing some fun things in the time you’ve saved… ie. NOT spent on Facebook…

3. Break Projects Down: projects can be huge and looming and overwhelming. Which for me usually means I get too flustered to even start them. Breaking projects down into smaller goals along the way can be very helpful.

4. Stay Organized: this kind of goes with to do lists, but it applies to where/how you keep papers and notes and books, as well.

5. Color Coding Can Be Fun: okay, this one may not be as applicable to as many people, but I’ve been working on my senior seminar recently and have been using colored post-its to mark my notes. It keeps me organized and looks nice.

6. Take Breaks: while school is the most important, and you DO need to finish coursework, spending time doing other things is important too, as long as you’re productive in the meantime! Spend time with friends! Outside! Because soon, summer will be upon us, and everyone will return to their respective hometowns and jobs…

Home away from Home

Almost all schools say that when first start college you should said ATLEAST the first two weeks if not more. I took that advice to heart freshmen year and hardly left campus. In fact I spent both Fall break and Easter break at the school. It is easy to get caught up in the events on campus if you start to get involved. Generally I would say that staying on campus so much has made my college experience better, but as a junior I have realized sometimes you have to get off campus. You can definitely make Muskingum University your home away from home, but it is still a place ridden with homework and sometimes you need to take a day away.  I would recommend that you go home! This Saturday I took the day away from Muskingum to drive to Dayton and spend the day with my girlfriend. It was only 24 hours but it was the break I needed. Before Saturday I was counting down the days left of school, thinking that it was going to slow, but now that got off campus for a day I am thinking that it is going too fast.

There are definitely some weekends you will want to stay on campus though. For example, next weekend or as it is known on campus as MUSKIEPLOOZA ! Muskieplooza, is a carnival type celebration of the year that is for the entire weekend.  Every other year there is a BIG CONCERT with a big named artist coming to campus to perform. Last year it was Machine Gun Kelley and the time before that was Mike Posner. I have even heard that Flogging Mollies once came to Muskieplooza and although I did not see it I heard it was AMAZING. Everyone gets a vote on what type of genre and what artist comes to perform. Did I mention that all of this is free for students?  A FREE CARNIVAL and/or FREE CONCERT? That is a hard thing to pass up! Everyone gets two free tickets to the concert, which means to can bring a friend from outside of Muskingum FOR FREE! Personally I like to volunteer to help set up things for Muskieplooza for main reason of getting a free t-shirt. No matter how you spend Muskieplooza though, you will be glad you stayed on campus!

Until next time,


Bye Bye Birdie

Apologies for this post being a day late (and for no post last week… I was sick and spent the day sleeping!) but you’re about to read why!

For the last few months the combined forces of Muskingum’s music and theater departments have been rehearsing for Bye Bye Birdie, a musical comedy that will open tomorrow night!

The show follows Albert (John Webb), manager for the wildly popular singer Conrad Birdie (Nic Alsesandrini), and his secretary Rosie (Mallory Fischer). Conrad has just been drafted into the army, and Rosie and Albert are trying to give Conrad one last hit song before he goes off to war. As a result, they travel to Sweet Apple, Ohio, where Kim MacAffee (Claudia Coffey), a fifteen-year-old mega-Birdie fan, has been chosen to receive Conrad Birdie’s “One Last Kiss.” Naturally, this causes a great stir in the tiny town and feathers are ruffled; Kim’s ‘steady’ Hugo Peabody (Adam Livingston) is not at all happy about the upcoming kiss, nor are Kim’s father (Tony Palmer) and mother (Stacy Russell). Hilarity ensues :D

The show is filled with fun song and dance numbers and crazy characters. I play Kim’s best friend, Ursula Merkle (what a name, right?!) who is completely obsessed with Conrad Birdie. It should be a blast for all ages, so come out and see it! Shows are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 pm in Caldwell Theater, and 2 pm on Sunday. Tickets are $5 or free with a Muskie ID.


College has field trips?

Thought that the days of field trips away from school were now just fantasies of the easier days? Well it definitely is still not like those easy days on the playground, but I was shocked to see college can still have field trips. This weekend I actually had two college getaways that involved college transportation and academics.  The first experience involved bird research while the second experience involved trekking across Ohio looking at the different fossils and rock formations along the way. When I was a college freshman I never thought these would be college experiences let alone on the same weekend.

On Friday night a group of students who had done research and the advising faculty went down towards Capital University to present a talk along with posters at the Ohio Academy of Science.  We ate dinner and crashed at a motel that night, which I was happy to hear, was all on the school! At the dinner I thought the professors would be briefing us on how the following day was going to go and tips on presenting. I don’t think that topic lasted but 5 minutes during dinner. For the rest of the 30 minutes, we talked about MUSIC!! Dr. Jim Dooley asked us all what were our favorite genres, favorite bands and how we discovered new music. The topic soon turned towards the band Blue Mercury that Dr. Dooley is a part of and how they were even going to perform at the Relay for Life event.  Definitely not the dinner I was expecting, but one that was very memorable and actually took the nerves away from the presenting. The next day flew by fast and we were already on our way back to Muskingum University. I went to sleep not knowing what to expect for the geology field trip the next day.

Being an hour early the next day, AT 6 AM, to the field trip pick up I thought was a sign that this experience would not go as smoothly ( always make sure you have the right time!). Luckily, a friend of mine made the same mistake and we did a quick run to the Circle K for snacks on the field trip. Once everyone else showed up, we hit the road and didn’t stop until we got near Cincinnati, Ohio for our first stop. At that stop and every other one, we looked for fossils along with rock formations, each stop showing us younger rock and bringing us closer home. I learned a lot about the rocks of Ohio during this trip but I also learned a lot more about my classmates. I think that is the great thing about Muskingum University, it offers some many different experiences you wouldn’t expect to have, all the while gaining personal connections.

Until next week,



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