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Hi all,

Like my fellow blogger, I also got to go ziplining last weekend! I was thrilled to go with my friends for a super low price.  It was maybe and hour and a half to get there, and the place was beautiful. After three test zips (bunny zips), we finally got to go on lengthy ones, one of which entered into a pretty cavern. At the end we could shop around, got another coupon for their “super zip” which lasts until the end of the season, and finally our dinner was paid for at McDonald’s. All in all, I had a blast!

Have a great week,


A Little About Myself

Hello Everyone!

I hope that your first weeks in school are bringing you some fun and excitement as the 2014-2015 school year starts moving in to full swing.

For my first post of the year, I decided to take the time to talk a little bit about myself so you have more of a background on who I am for future blog posts, and you can get to know me some.
For starters, my name is Ashley Gilbert and I am a senior here at Muskingum University. I am studying psychology, and plan on going off to graduate school to become a physical therapist. When I am not studying, or doing homework, I am usually at softball practice. I am a pitcher for the Muskingum University softball team and I am proud to announce that we won the conference tournament last year for the first time since 2008. This is a huge accomplishment for our program, and I cannot describe what an incredible experience being a part of this team has brought me.

I live in a single in Finney Hall this year, which just recently got air conditioning added to it over the summer. Although it is about the farthest you can get on campus from the softball field, my room definitely feels like my own little home.

I choose to come to Muskingum because after being recruited by the late Donna J Newberry for softball. After my second visit to Muskingum, I fell in love with everything it had to offer from small academic classrooms, the softball program and the tradition we uphold, to its incredible beauty 365 days a year I knew this was the place for me.

In my free time, I am a very crafty person and I enjoy finding crafts on Pinterest to make, or I love to write poetry/taking pictures. Over the course of the year if you follow my blog you will definitely be seeing some of these! I am a very goal driven individual, I usually over-think things way too much, but I am good about knowing what I want and going after what I know is good for me. Over my time here at Muskingum, I have grown so much as an individual and have learned many things about myself.

I will be choosing a new (and hopefully helpful) topic each week, but if any of you ever have any questions about Muskingum, or the college life feel free to shoot me an email and I would be more than happy to help you—agilbert@muskingum.edu

Well, enough about me for now, I have to head to class and start my busy Thursday!

Have a great week–:) IMG_4721

History professor Laura Hilton reflects on why teaching at Muskingum is so rewarding

We asked Dr. Laura Hilton, Professor of History, to answer this question: What drew you as a faculty member to Muskingum, and what are the most rewarding parts of your job? Below, she shares her thoughts.

Dr. Laura Hilton, Professor of History

Dr. Laura Hilton, Professor of History

At the beginning of last semester, a graduating senior stopped me in Cambridge Hall. Larry explained that he still thought about what he’d learned in my World History survey class that he’d taken his freshmen year and thanked me for bringing passion to what I teach and for setting high expectations.  He said it had helped prepare him for classes in subsequent semesters.

This quick conversation encapsulates why, in 2001, when I was applying for faculty positions, Muskingum appealed to me.  As a liberal arts institution, it is strongly grounded in the belief that learning critical thinking skills across a wide variety of disciplines is the best training for a lifetime of learning and working.  It has a sense of good-natured and supportive community that is real.  Lastly, the compact size of the student body affords opportunities to connect and work with students in many ways.

As I reflect on the past thirteen years, the reasons that Muskingum appealed to me then are even stronger now. In the difficult economic climate of the past several years, it’s apparent that Muskingum provides students with key written and oral communication skills that lead to success in obtaining employment.  In addition, the opportunities Muskingum provides for students to develop leadership and organizational skills through student organizations, athletics, the arts, internships, involvement in faculty research, and Greek Life better prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead.

The sense of community is real; it’s virtually impossible to cross campus without running into a student from a current semester’s or previous semester’s classes.  I truly enjoy hearing about their latest accomplishments, struggles, and experiences.

Our mission statement talks about the importance of developing “whole persons.”  This is a fundamental part of who we are and what we do well.  We push students to be multi-dimensional, to discover their boundaries, and find ways to overcome them.  One of the greatest joys in my job is watching a student grow over the course of four years, an observation that would be nearly impossible to make at a larger institution, where consistent contact with students is rarer.

College Students: Adults? Or just adult-sized children?

What is funny to me about college is that college students have two extremes: we act like adults, or we act like children, without much in between. Maybe it’s because we have to let the stress of being an adult out somehow, or maybe we’re nostalgic about when life was simpler, but either way I find it to be true pretty much across the board. Granted, some students are playful more often than others, but everyone has their moments. We love play-dough and coloring, giant games of Human v. Zombie tag, making silly videos with friends, going to the elementary school playground and swinging, or sitting in our rooms watching old Disney movies.

I remember finding that funny my Freshman year; that as you’d walk up and down the halls at night, TVs were pretty much guaranteed to be synced on one of two things: shows with ‘adult’ content, like Jersey Shore… or whatever animated film was on The Disney Channel or ABC Family. Up and down the hallway, you’d hear the soundtrack to Mulan or Tarzan echo through the hall as we all watched from our separate rooms.

The reason this thought struck me this last week was because an ice cream truck drove through campus, and my friends and I literally made a mad dash, running and laughing, to catch it.

IMG_0385 IMG_0391

Fast forward a few days, and I was sitting as the student representative in the board meeting of the Ohio Choral Directors Association. Talk about juxtaposition! Still, it’s this duality that really makes college fun :)



Even now I still feel excited that I went ziplining with MPB last Saturday. Frist, we all needed to meet at the bus loading zone behind the Rec Center facing the football field around 12:15 pm. Before we got on the bus, we would need to fill out 2 waivers-one for the university and one for the ziplining place. Then, the advisor asked us to sign up for small groups for the actual zipline tours. There were two types of tours available-traditional canopy tour and the Xtreme ziplining. I chose the Xtreme one then waited for the others.


It took us almost two and half hours to get there, and we were divided into five groups.

First, we put our cell-phones away and put the equipment on.


Second, we practiced on the short line.


Third, we took a car to the place we would start.


We totally went through 11 lines. The first 3 were baby line. We had nine members and two coaches. At first time, I was the second one to go through the line, but I felt nervous, so the coach helped me through that together and I became last one. It was interesting; we came into a cave and flew above the water.

After we finished our 11 lines, we took pictures together, and eat some snacks. Then we took a car back to where the bus had dropped us off.


Around 6:40pm, we were all on the bus, we are left, and then we stopped by McDonald’s and school paid the dinner fee for us.

This was a really fun day for me.

A brief introduction.

Hello everyone! As my first post, I just wanted to give a brief introduction of myself so you will get a glimpse into my personality and hobbies for future posts by me!

My name is Liberty and I am starting my sophomore year at Muskingum. I am an art major and I am involved with many clubs on campus including art club and I’m a member of the FAD sorority.

Art is my passion! I am always drawing and making art for friends. You can usually find me over by Paul Hall and the Neptune Studio working on a project or in the FAD lounge having fun with my sorority sisters.

This year, I am looking forward to new classes, being the secretary for art club, helping with fall recruitment for Greek Life and of course, telling all of you about Muskingum University, my home away from home.

It’s going to be a great year!

Love always,


Summer Projects


I hope you all have had a wonderful summer. I for one certainly did – I took a few classes (photography – which was super fun, and history online). I also was able to go out to the Wilds with my professor and peers to do bird research for about a month, as my photography class interfered with the first month. My first couple of weeks back have definitely been an adjustment due to having 8 AM classes every day, but I’m super excited to see where this semester goes!

Group of us at the Wilds.

Group of us at the Wilds.


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