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Financial aid help: Fall semester of your senior year

This post was originally published on January 4, 2011.

Before starting into the financial aid process it is best to have your applications for admission complete. Colleges can’t award financial aid until you have been accepted at their school. If you have not yet applied to Muskingum you can do so online.

During this time you should also search for scholarships. Talk with your guidance counselor or visit your high school’s website to see what scholarships are available through your school and community. Pay attention to the deadlines. You can also try looking for scholarships that are available nationally. One scholarship search our Student Financial Services office recommends is FastWeb. Be careful when searching for scholarships that you do not become a victim of a scam. The FTC lists possible signs of a scholarship scam.

Getting a Department of Education PIN is an important part of the financial aid application process. Getting a PIN is something you can do at anytime. The student and a parent should each have a PIN. The PIN allows you to sign the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and sign for student and parent federal loans. Choose a PIN that is easy for you to remember or keep your number in a safe place so you can find it each year. Get your pin.

Many high schools will offer a Financial Aid Awareness program in December or January. At this program a representative from a local college or the guidance counselor will spend about an hour talking to parents and students about the financial aid process and the different types of aid available. We recommend that you find out if there is a Financial Aid Awareness program being held in your community. These programs are free – you do not need to pay to receive this type of information.

If you would like an early idea of the amount of financial aid you could receive for attending Muskingum, you can visit our website and try out the Muskingum Net Price Calculator and learn about the Muskingum Commitment.


This is the second time I joined in traditional Thanksgiving with America family. Muskingum have large international students group, and lots of them have the host family. During the big break such as fall, spring and thanksgiving break, host family always invited international students come to their home and spend time with them. Especially dining hall will be close at the time.

This year, my host family Patti invited me to their house and eat turkey together. It start at 2 pm, not for lunch not for dinner, it’s just time for everyone can be there. We have almost 13 dishes, and 10 people, but the food still too much for us. After we done our food, we play a game, take turns to thanks people who want to say thanks. I thinks Patti invited me to their home, and thanks my parents support me to study aboard, and thanks everyone in my life who helped me. Also, the person I hate, or who do not like me, because they make me feel stronger and let myself do better. After I enjoy time with my host family, I went back to school and pick up my friends and way go shopping until 2 am on Friday morning. The black Friday is crazy time for American people, same everyone come out and go shopping. I do not like some company change their open time to 6 pm on Thursday afternoon, because that decease the holiday environment. Black Friday should be like lots of line and people all wait for 12 am to start shopping and rush to purchase.

This is also the last semester I will be Muskingum, I feel I gain lots of things, friends, knowledge, good teacher and lots of thing I never see. I like Muskingum this small village, some time I feel that too small, but people here are warm and nice. I feel I will miss all my friends when I finish my degree and back to my home country.  Thanks everyone here, who help me, make me feel-self, and cheer me up.

Hope everyone can have wonderful winter break, and merry christmas!!!!!

Christmas on Campus

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and got some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping deals!
Since it is the week before final exams, it is quite busy on campus for most students.
The week before finals is usually filled with final papers and projects due–not to mention this is also the time when you should begin studying for your finals, so you are not cramming at the last minute.

With all the exciting events going on around campus, getting anything productive done is quite a task that takes a lot of self-direction. Christmas time on campus is always filled with a lot of holiday parties held by different groups on campus, and who doesn’t like to make holiday crafts and get free hot chocolate? These are hosted by a different group almost every night of the week in December–there is always something going on this time of year!

One of my favorite things about New Concord is the annual Christmas parade that takes place on Main Street. Local and surrounding businesses put on a parade and march down Main Street while Christmas lights and music fill the air. But make sure you stick around and walk the streets and stop in the local businesses because they almost all offer hot chocolate, cookies and good conversation! This is something that I do not see a lot of students at (I think a lot of students don’t know about this going on), but it is such a good way to begin the Holiday Season and share this spirit with others in the community around you.

Vespers is another one of my favorite traditions here at Muskingum. Every year, the Sunday before finals the different choral groups here at Muskingum put on a beautiful evening service filled with Christmas music and scripture. This is a great way to take a break from studying and take a few hours to relax and appreciate the upcoming Christmas season while you are buried deep within your textbooks the next few days.

A campus favorite is the Late Night Finals Breakfast. This takes place on the Monday of finals week. At about 9 p.m. students begin lining up outside of the dining hall door to be first through the line at 10 p.m. for eggs, French toast sticks, sausage, crepes and donuts galore! This is a great chance to not only get a lot of free food, but a good time to take a break from studying and have a good time with your friends! And let’s be real–who doesn’t love breakfast food?!

So that’s what is going on up here at the beautiful hills of Muskingum University!
Have a great weekend!
Ashley :)

Exam Time!

It’s the last week of classes here at Muskingum, with exams looming next week. But here’s my secret for future college students… it’s not the finals you have to worry about, it’s the week that comes before that makes you want to tear your hair out. Especially if, like this year, you come back from Thanksgiving break and have to hit the ground running.

Even though next week will be the one filled with tests, there isn’t a normal class schedule during exam week, and chances are you have two finals at most on a single day… more often there’s just one final to worry about daily. So you’ve got plenty of time to study in between exams.

The week before… that’s secretly the killer week. Every project for every class is all of a sudden due, and you look back at the syllabus and find a few more random assignments here and there that you had completely forgotten about. And then, if you’re a music student like I am, your evenings are still peppered with rehearsals and Christmas performances and cramming to memorize the lyrics to the songs that you have to perform in front of the entire voice faculty in just a week. Plus, you still have to, you know, attend all of your classes.

What doesn’t help is the fact that all you want to do is curl up in bed and watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate.

On that note, I will wrap up this post. Unfortunately not for an evening of hot chocolate consumption, but hopefully for a productive evening that will leave me at least a little less stressed.

Financial aid help

This post was first published on January 3, 2011.

Applying for financial aid for the first time can be overwhelming. There are several steps to the process; both students and parents worry that they will miss a step or answer something incorrectly and miss out on financial aid. There is no need to be afraid of financial aid – free help is available. You can visit our website or contact our office at 800.752.6082.

Whether you have been accepted or are waiting to hear about acceptance, it is a good idea to start applying for financial aid. Over the next few months, we will be posting suggestions of steps you can take in the financial aid process.

Walter Hall

Walter Hall

Thanksgiving & Black Friday

IMG_0873 IMG_0874 IMG_0876This is the second time I joined in a traditional Thanksgiving with an American family. Muskingum has a large international student population and lots of them have host families. During the big breaks such as fall, spring and thanksgiving break, host families always invite international students to come to their homes and spend time with them. This is especially true when the dining halls are closed.

This year my host family, Patti invited me to her house to eat turkey. They started at 2 p.m. but it wasn’t for lunch or dinner, it was just time for everyone to be there. We had almost 13 dishes, and 10 people, but there was still was so much food left over for us. After we were done with our food, we played a game. The people who wanted to say thanks took turns saying what they were thankful for. I thanked Patti for inviting me to her home, and thanks to my parents for the support they gave me to study aboard, and thanks to everyone in my life who helped me. Also, I am thankful for the people who do not like me, because they make me what to do better. After I enjoyed time with my host family, I went back to school and picked up my friends. We went shopping until 2 a.m. on Friday morning. Black Friday is a crazy time for American people, because everyone comes out and goes shopping. I did not like how some companies changed their open time to 6 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, because that changed the holiday mood. Black Friday should be where lots of people wait in line at 12 a.m. to start shopping and rush to make purchases.

This is also the last semester I will be at Muskingum. I feel like I have gained lots of things: friends, knowledge, having good teachers and lots of thing I never had seen before. I liked Muskingum but it is a very small village. Sometimes I feel that it is too small, but people here are warm and nice. I feel like I will miss all my friends when I finish my degree and go back to my home country. Thanks to everyone here who helped me, made me feel better about myself, and cheered me up.

International Dinner

International dinner:

Every year, Muskingum University will have an international week and hold international dinner and talent show. This talent show will performance to everyone not only Muskingum students, but also for people who do want to come near this area.

International students will give the recipes to Valerie Smith, which our teacher charge for all international students’ life on campus. She will send that to our school dining hall and they will cook that food at that day. Valerie also need each club or international students who are willing to show their talent on that day, and select program. Every year, there will have collective show and solo program. Germany, French, India and Chinese, etc. International students will performance.

This year, we have 10 talent show, sing, and dance by international students which from Chinese students, Japanese students, and dance club.

At the end of the dinner, all international students will come to the stage and take pictures together. At that time you can see how many international students Muskingum has, and how excellent they are.IMG_0783 IMG_0788 IMG_0791 IMG_0803


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