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Muskie Zombie helps save lives!

I think this title would be good title for the front page of the Black and Magenta, the school’s newspaper, but maybe I should explain it more. Those following the blog will see that the game “Humans vs. Zombies” happened last week! Although I fought hard to survive, I was tagged and turned zombie around Wednesday. Being a zombie didn’t stop me from helping Circle K International potentially save lives!

Last week Circle K International put on Bone Marrow Registry event to get people’s cheeks swabbed to be registered in the registry. If you are matched in this registry you can donate bone marrow and CURE that person’s cancer. Types of cancers that can be cured through this donation are some like leukemia, sickle cell anemia, and lymphoma.  CKI got 125 people SWABBED which mean 125 more chances for people’s lives to be saved. Blood drives are also very common to have on this campus, and a lot of students take advantage of opportunity to help people. I think that is one of the things I love about this community. Students want to help and give back to people, which is why people are always pretty involved on this campus.

It is not un-common for people here to be involved in many different clubs on campus. In fact, all of the people I have met in clubs are involved in more than one. I think that is something that really makes or breaks a college experience. College is what you make of it and there are a lot of opportunities here at Muskingum to take advantage of. Along with opportunities to create something new! My one friend Harrison is planning on creating his own outdoor adventure club! I created a Student Senate Committee on recycling! The possibilities are endless here. So whether you are a zombie, a bone marrow registry volunteer or both, there is always something you can get involved with here at Muskingum!

Until next time,

Connor Hann

Thursday Thoughts…

Hello Everyone!

This Thursday I thought I would share some more personal thoughts and share the top 5 things I have learned from my time here at Muskingum University. Although I do have one more semester after this one left, it is a pretty surreal feeling to know that my time in undergraduate classes is almost over with.

College definitely changes you. But it doesn’t necessarily change who you are, but rather more clearly defines what you want to become and enables you to get where you want to be by the available resources around you.

1. You won’t always find that huge group of “girlfriends” you were hoping to have.

You know what I’m talking about. The group of 5 and 6 girls who walk around and are inseparable at every given moment of the day? Don’t get me wrong, there are some of these on campus, but it is not a guarantee that you will be apart of a group like this. And THAT IS OKAY! Late my freshman year, I gained my best friend…”my person” and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To me, one best friend who will be there for you for life is better than 5 or 6 semi-best friends.

2. You realize some of the smaller things you took for granted when you lived back home with your parents.

All the sudden, doing laundry seems like the biggest task on certain days, and the small complaining sessions with your mom just aren’t the same when she isn’t in the same room as you. How about when you are sick and no one is there to make sure you are rehydrating or just checking up on you to see how you are feeling? Don’t get me wrong, friends will do these things for you–but nothing will ever beat your mom or dad’s unconditional love.

3. When the going gets tough, the tough better get going.

As cliché as it may sound, this is one of the most accurate statements I have learned in throughout my four years at Muskingum. I will tell you from experience that when things get tough, if you do not take the bull by the horns and gain control of everything around you (regardless of what it is) you will find yourself in a whirlwind of procrastination and missed deadlines, and ultimately low grades!

4. You WILL be confused about a lot of things…a lot of the time.

Whether it is what you want to major in, what you want to do with your major, what homework assignment to start next, what sorority/fraternity to join there are always going to be choices every single day you face at Muskingum. Some of these choices are going to seem more like challenges, and at times you aren’t going to know what to chose right off the bat. It is confusing. And like I said before, IT IS OKAY. It is important to remember that being confused will eventually lead to a decision that will result in growth in your personality and who you are as an individual because you took the time to remain calm and figure out exactly what it is that you want/need.

5. Don’t ever sell yourself short of what you want to do.

Take this from someone who has made the mistake a few times since I have stepped on Muskingum’s campus. If you want to major in Biology, but feel the material is too tough…DO IT ANYWAY! There are plenty of resources here at Muskingum to help you achieve any goal you wish as long as you have the desire and dedication to work for what you want. Trust me, at the end of your four years you do not want to wish that you had stuck it out with another major, or tried one more semester of a certain kind of class. But this doesn’t just apply to classes, this applies to anything that you have the chance to do at Muskingum. IF YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING–SET YOUR MIND TO IT AND DO IT! Now is your time to shine.

There you have it–Have a great week!

Ashley :)

Shakespeare at Muskingum

Last Wednesday, Muskingum’s Special Events Committee brought in the American Shakespeare Center to perform Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing in Brown Chapel. The event was widely attended by college students and community members alike, probably due in part to the amazing fact that the performance was free. The troupe set the play in the 70s, with period costumes and live music. The music was my favorite part (of course, I am a music major…) because it was neat to see how multitalented all of the actors and actresses were. They would rotate playing various instruments (banjo, string bass, guitar, trombone, drums, harmonica, trumpet, ukelele) and singing, and the music added another layer to the classic comedy. Also, the play was very funny! Most of us have only read Shakespeare in a class setting, which leads to a lot of dissecting hard-to-understand English and analyzing what Shakespeare is trying to say. When you see the play performed live, it is all about the characters and plot and comedy, and you understand why Shakespeare was so popular in the first place and remains so today. Even if the language is dated, the jokes are still relevant, as are the characters and their stories. The actors and actresses also involved the audience a lot, as they would’ve in Shakespeare’s time. Some audience members sat right on the stage, others were pointed out as characters would make jokes or speak their monologues. It was an extremely enjoyable performance, and I am so glad I went! Just one of many neat opportunities Muskingum provides!

Zombies invade Muskingum University!

Welcome to a new week, I hope it is calming and relaxing because I know mine won’t be! No it is the homework or tests coming up that will keep me  on edge this week, but instead the threat of zombies! This will be 6 semesters of humans versus zombies at Muskingum and my 5th time playing it! I like to summarize the game as basically a 24 hour game of tag for about a week. And the great thing that separates this game from the real zombie apocalypse is that no one loses! You just switch teams!

If you venture on to campus this week you will see some students wearing a green headband around their head meaning they are a zombie, if you see some students with green bands around their arms they are surviving humans and if you see the ground covered in marshmallows or rolled socks, you have stumbled upon an area where the two students battled for “survival”. If a zombie tags a human, they turn into a zombie but if the human hits the zombie with a marshmallow or sock, the zombie is stunned for a time. If you see me this week, look for where my band is and beware!

I can recall the second time I played this game and being tagged most dramatically. As I was crossing the quad, ready with rolled up dirty socks, I see a FAST zombie walk out acting like he didn’t see me so I stood my ground. Then I see another zombie come out of Cambridge hall… now I stood my ground out of fear! Trying to keep an eye on both of my zombie foe I heard loud footsteps from behind, and turned to see a zombie charging me from the doors I had just left! As I backed away I glanced to see where the other zombies were when I saw they were charging me as well! Naturally confused I ran in circles, slipped on grass and threw socks at the approaching zombies while back crawling away. Alas I was only able to defend myself against two zombies as the third one tagged me. I proceeded to go to class and after class I tagged myself my own human as a zombie! Bottom line is every time this game is played, it comes to using your brain or getting some! I’ll let you know if I used or got brains next week! Wish me luck!

Until next time!


Spring Changes at Muskingum

Wow! It feels like I have not posted on here in a very long time since spring break interrupted the middle of the month.

It feels great to see the sun shining a little bit more and the snow finally melted off of the ground around campus. You can definitely feel that spring is on its way! As Spring approaches, changes start to take place around campus, and I am not just referring to the fountain in the lake coming back on and flowers starting to bloom.

Muskies all around campus begin to come out of what seems like hibernation mode and begin to also enjoy the beautiful weather. Here is a list of some of the top things you will see around Muskingum’s campus as the warm weather rolls in:

-Fishing at the lake
-Late night walks to Circle K for a polar pop
-Windows wide open and music playing
-Sand volleyball games over at Memorial Hall
-Students playing basketball, catch etc.
-Dairy Duchess trips (Once it opens up that is)
-Students sitting outside doing homework, or just chatting it up with a friend
-Students attending Spring sporting events

These are just a few of the many examples of the way this campus comes to life during the spring. It is very exciting because after all the winter months of feeling like the campus was dead, you realize there are a lot of people here that are ready to have some fun.

I am looking forward to the weather to continue to warm up–I am sick of wearing a jacket!

Until next week, enjoy the weather and appreciate the sunshine!

Ashley :)


Spring Break on Choir Tour

As a member of the Muskingum University Concert Choir, I’ve gotten to go on a trip every year during spring break: Choir Tour! We leave the Thursday before break and get back on Tuesday, so we still have a little time to go home and relax after our week of traveling and singing. Over the years I’ve gotten to go to Nashville, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and this year, North Carolina.

I love tour! It is extremely rewarding to be able to share music with so many people over such a short time. During the day, we’ll stop at schools and do little assemblies for students. In the evenings, we usually have our own concerts hosted by various churches. They feed us (some of the most delicious food!) and then serve as our host families as well: we get split up and sent home with church members for the night. I’ve met some of the kindest and most interesting people through my homestays.

We also get some free time in whichever large city was our trip destination. This year it was Durham, NC, but we also got some time in Asheville. In both cities we wandered around, visited shops and restaurants, and enjoyed the warm weather! I had some novelty cupcakes, delicious chocolate, and one of the best burgers of my life!

I have been very blessed with the friends I’ve gotten close to and spent my breaks with due to choir. I have four years of wonderful trips, great memories, and amazing music to cherish. Now back to classes and homework!

Spring break was really needed!

As a college student I think I enjoy spring break more now than I did in grade school! I know lot of other muskies feel the same way and it isn’t to party. Over spring break I mastered sleeping in until 9 or 10 in the morning and boy did I need the sleep!  Spring break is around the half way point in the school year so it is essential to keep students motivated! Although this might seem to be obvious, I think it is essential to actually NOT do homework over break. If you are like myself freshman year, you might think that sounds like a plan that will get you behind in classes. If you are like myself now (junior year), you will think this is the best plan ever. Both are right! You might get a little behind in classes, but if you don’t give yourself a break from school you will burn out of motivation before the school year actually ends. This is why I watched a lot of Walking Dead on Netflix and even played a new videogame.

The only problem with spring break is that it goes too fast! First off, I am still no caught up on Walking Dead and I didn’t beat my videogame, but more importantly waking up early for class will now be more of a struggle! This week will take an adjustment back for students and professors. The good thing though is spring break was long enough for all the snow to melt on campus. Living up in the Cleveland area, where there is still snow, the ride down to New Concord made me realize it is actually spring! The weather outside is wonderful and the sunshine is needed! Summer is just around the corner, 7 weeks of classes left to be exact although I know I am not the only one counting! That is all I got this time, I’ll let you know how the struggle of getting up early was next week!


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