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You Can Commute!

After transferring home this semester, I decided to commute to Muskingum University instead of living on campus like I had previously at my other school. So far it’s been a great experience. You get to come and go as you please. At my other university I didn’t have a car there and it was also almost a two hour drive from home, so often I felt like I was stuck in one place. But here at Muskingum the university really tries to make their commuters feel just as welcomed as the students who live on campus. The TOC has a great lounge where a lot of commuters go to do homework and just hang out. So it a great way to meet new friends. Muskingum also has different events as well to get commuter students involved within the university. And even when things aren’t going great as a commuter. For instance my second week at Muskingum my car decided to break down right in the middle of the parking lot, talking about embarrassing. But in the end it ended up being a great learning experience as a commuter. I learned that people at Muskingum are so willing to help you when you need it. Another fellow commuter called a towing company for me and campus police and two guys helped me push my car into a spot. But I would have to say the best part about commuting to Muskingum is not only do you get to go to a great school, but faculty as well fellow students are so willing to help and support you in anyway that you may need. Also get to go home where there is another great support system within your family. And not only are you getting two awesome support systems but you’re also saving a lot of money, and as a college student who doesn’t like to save their money. I know I do! Therefore, I would definitely encourage those students you live within the required distance to be able to commute to think very seriously about commuting. Not once since going here have I felt like an outsider, instead I honestly believe that commuting gives you the best of both worlds.

It’s Cool to be an English Major!

A lot of people seem to think that being an English major isn’t really practical, so I’ve decided to share my top 4 reasons why being an English major is amazing!

  1. You get to read and analyze incredible literature.

Reading and analyzing the literature to find the deeper meaning of being human? Sign me up! It’s kind of like psychology, but with a literary perspective.

  1. You can do practically anything with an English major.

The ability to read, write, and think critically will help you in any field you choose to go into after graduation. I’ve known people who went on to become lawyers, linguists, and journalists because the skills they learned as an English major served them well in their respective fields.

  1. You save your friends and family from making embarrassing grammar mistakes.

I’ve had friends come to me to proofread their papers and family members have me look over their texts before submitting them. I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty high compliment in my book.

  1. You can have long, meaningful discussions about literature and life in general.

Yes, I know this can happen anywhere, but have you ever had it happen in a room full of esteemed professors? I have! We discuss more than books, though. One time, we talked about the show Friends and how it’s influenced modern culture. You also learn that the English professors really do love their careers. I remember one professor saying, “I get to read and analyze poetry for a living. I love my life!”

Still not convinced? Come to English Common Time! It’s held every Thursday in Cambridge Hall Suite 3 from 12pm-12:25pm. If nothing else, at least come for the food!



Brewed Awakenings

Last Thursday, I had the amazing opportunity to participate at the open mic night held at Brewed Awakenings. So, what is Brewed Awakenings? Brewed is an event held by different organizations every Thursday at 9:00pm in Kelly Coffee House. There you can get coffee, hot chocolate, tea and apple cider, along with whatever food is supplied by the organization hosting that week. Sometimes it’s pizza, sometimes it’s donuts, and other times it can just be a simple food like candy or chips. Many students just go for the free food and drink (because what college student doesn’t love that). Besides food, each organization can hold their own activity or fun game when they’re running it. Sometimes that includes winning awesome prizes like baskets full of movies and t-shirts and sometimes the activity can be karaoke or an open mic night like last Thursday. If you’re still hesitant, or not completely sure if you want to go, let me give you one more reason. Brewed is a time to hang out with friends, you get to drink coffee and relax after a stressful week. You can lower your stress levels and have fun while maybe simultaneously energizing for that test you haven’t studied for tomorrow. Or maybe, you can do what I did and get out of your comfort zone. Perform that song you’ve been practicing in your room all the time, tell a joke you made up. When things like Brewed happen and they give you opportunities, don’t pass them up, I can guarantee that the anxiety is SO worth it.  So if you want some coffee, companionship and fun, or maybe an opportunity to show that hidden talent, come to the next Brewed Awakening, and I’ll see you there!

Carpe Diem,


These beings we call College Professors, explained!

Starting out as a freshmen in college, you will encounter a very unique aspect of college that you have never experienced before: College Professors. College professors are generally more professional then high school teachers but they also are not paying you like a boss would be. Professors have an expertise in their field, many having doctorates. This can mean double and triple checking your emails to make sure that they are appropriate and professional. It can also mean that visiting them in their office hours can  somewhat be intimidating… no matter how many times they insist you  come to them with lots of questions. Some expect you to come to class every day, giving you attendance points. Others, expect you to be in class but use guilty stares or comments, rather than points, as an incentive to come to class. They will expect you to do the reading in the books and know it, even if they don’t mention it in class. Some will try about anything they can to make sure you understand the material. Others choose to go old fashion with just chalk and a chalkboard. As you go through the years, you will learn which professors to take and which one not to. Something that you definitely learn here though, is that these mystic beings we call professors, are in fact normal people too! In most of the cases of our professors here, they are AWESOME people too!

After having taking couple of classes with a professor, you will learn that they get to know you pretty well! To the point that you tend to be the example “For example if Connor deleted this….”, or they call you out like “Connor! Don’t actually delete it!!!!”. In this case, my geographic information system with Dr. Van Horn, one of my favorite professors, is a great example of this situation. The best part of it? I can get him back!  Notice the cardinal direction symbol strategically placed on the top right corner, where he prefers the symbol, of his office door. Shouldn’t he be happy I’m applying what I learned in class to real life application? In fact, it didn’t take him long to realize who the culprit was but the map symbol remains on his door. If that seems odd to you, at a designated professional, wine tasting university event, I sipped on very nice wine while speaking about families with my freshmen year biology professor. I even took some of her wine recommendations and advice, while she grew jealous of the wine glass markers I won…and have mysteriously lost!

As I graduate in May, I know I won’t encounter another type of relationship like a college professor- college student but I know I will never forget the ones I had.

Until next week!



Piece of Cake

This week I had my first exams ever at Muskingum University. At my old university I used to get so nervous before exams because my professors never really gave us any type of clues to what material the exams were going to be over. Pretty much any thing we had learn in between each exam was fair game. But here a Muskingum University it was completely different. I knew exactly what I needed to study for each exam I had this week. My professors had given us questions that would be similar to the ones on the exam to practice with and/or power point slides with definitions and other information that was important to know when studying. I felt completely prepared for both of my exams because my professors had taken time out of their schedules to make these study guides for their students to use to prepare for their exams. To me this shows that professors here at Muskingum really do want their students to succeed in the classroom. That they will help you in any way that they can to insure that you perform well on your exams for their classes. So thanks to my professors at Muskingum University, a time that was usually very stressful and overwhelming for me was a piece of cake because I was able to study the right material and knew exactly what to expect for each exam. untitled


So this past weekend I took a trip to the Guersney County Dog Warden in Cambridge with the Circle K International Club(no not the gas station). Circle K International is essentially a community group that participates in not only campus volunteer work, but community work in general. Anyway, Circle K takes multiple trips throughout the school year to the Cambridge dog shelter and when I heard “puppies” I bee-lined to the sign up sheet. I am an animal lover and I could think of no better way to spend my Saturday than playing with dogs.

I was not disappointed. The dogs were absolutely adorable and lovable and I enjoyed almost every second of it. I say almost because, while I felt good about giving these dogs some loving attention, I knew it was only temporary. The sad truth is, the shelter is small, and contains a lot of dogs. I completely respect the people who work there because what they are doing is good, but you can’t help but feel sorry for the dogs. When I walked my first dog she was so happy to get out, but when it came time to bring her back, she knew she was going back to the loud building, into her small, lonely cage. She even tried getting away just so I wouldn’t take her back. I was heartbroken. An hour later, after everyone had been given a chance to go outside, I came back to her and took her out again. My fondest memory of that day is when I was just laying in the grass with her and she came up and cuddled up to me. In a way, I think she was thanking me.

So after a few hours, we left and I felt good about what I had done with my time. But I still think about them with a heavy heart. Every single dog I encountered that day was so lovable I just couldn’t imagine who would not want any of them. I, myself, want all of them! Especially the older ones! They don’t deserve to spend their last years behind bars. They all deserve a loving home, with a loving family. But, being an on-campus student, I can’t take any of them.

So now I will do all I can do. I’m going to ask you guys, the readers, for some help. If you or anyone you know is looking for a pet, please give these guys a chance. If not, please at least spread the word. The address for the shelter is 62824 Bennett Ave, Cambridge, OH 43725 and their number is (740) 432-2219. Let’s try to get these guys a home shall we?dogdog5dog4dog3dog2

All the field’s a stage


Top left to bottom right: Kaitlyn Haynes, Katlyn Miller, Sara Watson, Darby Croft, and Manda Gaeckle

Imagine standing beneath stadium lights, the remnants of summer’s breeze playing gently across your forehead just before you march onto the field, the cool metal of the flag beneath your fingers. You’ve logged countless hours spinning your flag and you’re still worried that your solo isn’t good enough, but you’re excited because you’re with your friends doing something you love. You hold your flag with strong arms and you begin to smile as the opening of your show plays and before you know it, you’re marching and grinning like the Cheshire cat.

For me, nothing gets better than spinning my flag because it’s a whole body workout. Being in color guard teaches you to believe in the power of your own body and to appreciate it for what it does. The beauty of color guard is that anyone can learn to spin and along the way, color guard teaches you to be mindful of yourself and creates awareness for the people around you like, say, not hitting people with your flag as you pass through various band members.

The Marching Muskies acquired a color guard this year and there are six women on the team. The show’s theme this year is Stars Wars and in addition to being surrounded by highly talented and exceptionally brilliant students, I would have to say my favorite part of marching band is that I get to play Darth Vader and have an awesome fight scene with one of my sorority sisters. I honestly can’t imagine a better start to the year. Can you?




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