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Pippin is poppin’! Every two years the Muskingum community receives the treat of a musical, put on by the Department of Communication, Media and Theatre in collaboration with the Department of Music here at Muskingum. In the spring of 2015, they did a wonderful production of Bye Bye Birdy, and this year, audiences are given Pippin! Shows are Thursday to Saturday starting TONIGHT at 8pm, and Sunday at 2pm in the Sandra Wolfe Thompson Theatre in Caldwell Hall. To quote Muskingum’s campus news website: “This musical is a coming-of-age extravaganza where a gang of young mischief-makers escort a young man through his self-discovery to manhood and to finding his true purpose in life”. It’s big, it’s showy, and you won’t want it to stop at intermission. Come and see it for yourself! Tickets are $5 for the public and free with your student ID. You don’t want to miss this biennial event!


Work It Out!

College is a stressful time, with lots of homework and outside of school activities. Therefore, exercising and eating healthy might not be on the top of most people’s priority list. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Here at Muskingum University we offer salad bars and other healthy choices at the dinning halls. This allows for at least some healthy options, besides binging on a whole pan of brownies or going for your second bag the family size chips. So if you feel the need to stress  eat go drown your worries in some lettuce.

Its also hard to stay in shape as a college student. Most people are no longer playing sports like they did in high school, therefore you’re no longer staying in good shape. Plus as we age our bodies change and what used to work might not anymore. However, here at Muskingum University we offer a full size swimming pool that anyone can access. There is also not one, not two, but THREE places to work out here on campus. First there is the wonderful combination of the Anne Steele Center and the John Glenn Gym. The Anne Steele Center has full size basketball courts, racquetball courts and so. The John Glenn Gym is equipped with basketball courts as well as the swimming pool, and a weight and exercise room. So you can get your bodybuilding on, while someone else walks on a treadmill. There is also the bottom of the Chess Center, loaded with lifting equipment and fitness rooms. The Chess also offers fitness classes such as Pound and Yoga. And last but not least is the track and field combo. Muskingum as a wonderful outdoor track as well as a newly turfed football/soccer/lacrosse field.

So if you’re worried about going off to college and gaining the freshman 15, I’m telling you not to be. Muskingum has many wonderful ways to beat the weight gain and to crush unhealthy eating habits. But its up to you to take advantage of them.

Come and See The Dining Room!

The Dining Room is now showing in Thompson Theatre! This is an adorable play about various families throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and their different joys and struggles. Rather than just following one family out in the world, the entire play takes place in the dining room. This gives a really intimate, special feel for the audience as they bond with each of these families and understand their lifestyle and ideals. There’s a wide variety of characters to love, between two teenage girls sneaking liquor, an old man telling his son about his will, a girl arguing with her mother about dancing school, and a rather comical man simply wanting to defend his brother’s honor. Theatre at Muskingum is comprised of very talented individuals and a deep and inclusive sense of community that is evident on the stage. Don’t take my word on all of this, come and see The Dining Room for yourself this weekend, February 17th and 18th at 8pm, and February 19th at 2pm in Thompson Theater, located in Caldwell Hall. Tickets are free if you present a Muskingum student ID, and $5 for everyone else. So come and enjoy a delightful evening with the Muskingum Theatre Department. You know, just in case you needed another excuse to visit our beautiful campus 😉

Spellbound Murder Mystery!!!

Hey Muskies, it’s that time of the semester again! Time for another awesome Murder Mystery Party brought to you by Game Club! This time the theme is not too far off from what we’re all pretty familiar with.

This time we’re going to be….COLLEGE STUDENTS….WITH MAGIC!!!(Wait come back! I said WITH MAGIC!)

So if you’re like me you are a fan of not only Harry Potter, but also The Magicians(AKA realistic adult Harry Potter). Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy magic? So, without further ado, I invite you all to Tremaine School of Magic. It’s the last day of school before Summer break and unfortunately, there has been some magical foul play on campus that threatens every student and professor on the school grounds. What’s worse, EXAMS ARE COMING! AAAAAHHH!!!

For more info about the murder mystery just follow this link (https://www.facebook.com/events/113759689138485/). Here you can read more about the plot and also find the cast list where you can sign up for a part by commenting which role you would like to play. The event will be held  on February 24th from 6-10:30pm(venue TBA). You do not have to dress up but it is always welcome. There will also be free pizza, snacks, and drinks served through the event. Please note that if you sign up for a part you are expected to be there unless you notify us before hand. If you realize you cannot make it or if you have any other questions, please contact either me, the president of Game Club (ebostic@muskingum.edu) or the Game Club Advisor, Jay Shaffstall (jays@muskingum.edu).

Hope to see you there!

Playing Catch Up

Hey Muskies!

Did you miss me? I know I missed you! It’s been awhile so let me catch you up. I unfortunately had to miss the first week of school due to a family emergency. I thought, “No biggie. It’s just one week.”


It was actually quite a big deal because surprisingly it is a lot harder to catch up a week’s worth of school than I had anticipated. Actually, as I type this on week three, I’M STILL BEHIND! To top it all off I’ve gotten the dreaded common cold which has taken my energy/motivation level down A LOT!

But as always, I am going to take this less than ideal situation and squeeze some advice and positive perspective out of it if it kills me(I mean, with this cold I already feel like I’m dying…) So! Here’s watcha do if you ever find yourself super behind for reasons you can’t control:

  1. TALK TO YOUR PROFESSORS! So hopefully they are made aware of your situation(be it illness or family emergency). If you know you are going to miss more than a day or two of school, email the VPAA and let them know of the situation. They will email all of your professors for you to get them in the loop. Once you get back make sure you plan out a catch-up plan with them to get you back on track with your work.
  2. GET HELP FROM YO HOMIES!(AKA your classmates): It can be very helpful to have someone outside of class hours who understands the things you missed by your side. Especially if you are lacking a book and they happen to conveniently have one.
  3. GO TO THE SUCCESS CENTER! Tutors are angels from above that will help you with any confusions you have when your professor is not available to you. The success center is also just a good environment for getting work done.
  4. RELAX!(<- she says in bold caps and an exclamation point…) Seriously, just breathe. It’s a nightmare to be in the situation, but it’s not going to get any better or help at all if you put yourself under too much pressure. Personal health, mental and physical, comes first. Don’t overload, go at your own pace, and you’ll do fine.

Good luck Muskies. I wish you all healthy and happy ❤

First Circle!

Here at Muskingum, we students have our very own literary magazine, First Circle, published annually. This magazine is put together by an intelligent and hardworking group of editors and is released every April. We feature the submitted poems, short stories, novel excerpts, monologues, and artwork of talented Muskingum students. This year we’re trying something new by involving three local high schools! Students submitted their work and after picking what we deem the best or most original work from the schools we’ll publish them in First Circle alongside similarly fine masterpieces from college students. This is a great way to get your writing or artwork out there for a larger group of people to see, and also helps to give English majors more experience in the publishing and editorial world, as some of us plan to go on to work in these fields. We fill each issue with a great variety of comedic, serious, thought-provoking, and lighthearted pieces, so I’m sure you’ll find something while perusing First Circle that appeals to you. Also, if you’re artistically inclined, every year we have to pick two great works of art to be the front and back cover of the magazine; next year it could be yours! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, look for our issues around campus when you arrive next year!

Day in the Life of a Muskie

Hey guys! This week I thought I’d share a little post about what my average Thursdays are like in case you want a little real day-to-day life perspective on what it will be like to be a Muskie! I have 3 more classes on Monday-Wednesday-Friday so Tuesdays and Thursdays are a little more relaxed for me.

8:30am – Breakfast in Patton Dining Hall. Thomas Dining Hall opens at 10am, so for breakfast it’s either Patton up by the residence halls or the Bait Shop on the quad.

9:30am – 19th Century American Fiction with Dr. Adams. I am very much not a morning person and I struggle with any class before 10 am (don’t judge!) so I always grab a coffee from the dining hall or the bait shop before class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are also two coffee machines in Montgomery Hall and the library that have really good Caramel Cappuccinos!

10:45am – Grab lunch from the bait shop with friends. Depending on your meal plan, you can sign up for a smaller amount of meals per week and a lot more Dining Dollars to use in the Bait Shop and Winn Café, or more meals per week and less extra money on your student ID card. You can use your Dining Dollars at the Bait Shop, or do Meal Exchange, which counts as a swipe in the dining hall and doesn’t use up your Dining Dollars balance. Meal Exchange changes every day but it was my favorite today – Toasted turkey and swiss cheese on Ciabatta bread.

11:30 – Head to the library to work on an assignment. I basically live in the library because there are so many resources and good places to study.

12pm – English Tea Time. If you are an English major, minor, or just interested, this is a half hour each Thursday during common hour where the English department faculty and students drink tea and have snacks in the English suite and talk about anything and everything.

12:20pm – Work in the Registrars office. Get a job on campus, they’re fun and you get paid!

2pm – History of the British Novel with Dr. Keluhiokulani. This is a really interesting class, we read Robinson Crusoe, Pursuasion, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and others.

3:30pm – Hit the gym! The chess center gym rocks. Seriously.

5pm – Dinner in Thomas Dining Hall with friends. Just heads up – Patton has soft serve ice cream and Thomas has changing flavors of hard ice cream. I won’t pretend the kind of ice cream my friends and I are in the mood for doesn’t play a factor in our deciding where to go for dinner…

7pm – Tutor English and Communications at the Student Success Center on the bottom level of Thomas Hall.

10pm – Finish any homework or reading (or Netflix) before going to bed . . .

The coolest thing about college is that you have a basic set schedule but also every day is different because you don’t have the exact same classes day to day. Can’t wait to see you on campus!