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3 Reasons Why Muskingum University Hills Are Hidden Gems

  1. Wake Up. Getting up for that 8am isn’t the easiest when you were up till 2am writing a paper the night before, and walking up and down hills and stairs probably won’t be the first thing you want to do. But by the time you get to class you’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for the day because those hills sure do wake you up.
  1. Get Fit. You burn more calories going uphill than on a flat surface, and studies have shown that uphill walking strengthens and tones your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Because of Muskingum’s hills, you can get fit just walking to class!
  1. Impress Your Friends. I tell my non-Muskingum friends about the hills here and they don’t usually believe me. But whenever they come to visit and climb the hills themselves they quickly realize we Muskies are pretty hardcore, and dedicated to getting to class. Most students don’t climb hills to get to class, but most students just aren’t us🙂

New Exercise Equipment in Chess Center!

The Chess Center is Muskingum’s student center, located conveniently smack dab in the middle of the dorm buildings and between the two dining halls. This place seriously rocks, not only because it offers study rooms, a gym, the Winn Café, and a social hall, but also because we now have new workout equipment! There are new treadmilchesscentertreadmillls, elliptical machines, a stair master, and exercise bikes now available. Not only do they have a large, smooth interface that very clearly shows you how far you’ve run/walked/climbed and how long you’ve been exercising, but there is also a Bluetooth feature and a TV screen attached to the machines. So you can plug in your phone and watch your favorite show to get you through your workout, or link it to the TV there and watch your favorite sport. There is also a USB port and a setting where you can sync your phone to the machine, so your workout data will be transferred to your phone’s exercise apps. It is all surprisingly easy to use and very user-friendly, but if you do have any questions, the chess center staff is friendly and willing to help you out!

Mental Health Awareness

Hey Muskies! So in honor of Mental Health Awareness day that was this past Monday, I have decided to offer my own words of advice and tips for taking care of your mental health, as well as the resources available to you on campus should ever need help or just someone to talk to.

  1. Campus Counselors. There are two Muskingum counselors available on campus from the hours of 8am to 5pm(also available after hours by appointment) who are more than willing to do their best to help any and all students through whatever troubles they may have. The counseling office is located in the basement of Montgomery Hall, Suite 3. It is completely confidential and whether you’re suffering from a mental illness or you need help solving a conflict with another, they are here to help.
  2. Mental Health Days. Now I don’t know about you, but I get stressed really easy and some days it will be so overwhelming that I completely shut down and just don’t want to do anything. If it ever gets to that point, or maybe you’re just really down and don’t have the motivation to get work done or go to classes, take a mental health day. E-mail your teachers and let them know what’s going on and that you won’t be able to make it to class. It is has been in my experience that most professors are very understanding and will not hold it against you. Now it does not mean they will excuse your absence, but depending on their attendance policy they will allow a few unexcused absences. Just take the day to recoup, do some things you enjoy, eat some ice cream, and talk to your friends.
  3. Say Something. I cannot stress this point enough, if you have or suspect you have any sort of mental illness, especially if you are having suicidal thoughts, talk to somebody. It may not seem like it, but it will help. Even if the person you tell doesn’t take it all too well, it will be a huge weight off of your shoulders. Also, if you suspect someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, tell somebody immediately. They may not be happy about it but it is for their safety that they get help before thoughts turn into actions.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. It is a real and increasing issue in our world and it deserves to be taken seriously. It is important to take care of yourself and to not let your mental health deteriorate. Even if you don’t care, the ones who love you do. Stay happy and healthy Muskies.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Muskingum Counseling Office: 826-8091 or 826-8142

; your story is not over…

Why Muskingum?

Often I find myself being asked why Muskingum University? Why did you decide to stay so close to home? Why did you transfer from a state school? And my answers are always the same. I chose Muskingum because it felt like a home to me. Muskingum is a place where I have been able to grow as a student and as a person. If I need help with a paper or a class professors jump at the idea to help. I like the idea that the classes are small and that the professors know my name. I also like the fact that you get to become a well-rounded student through the LAE/GE course work. I believe this really helps when it comes time to decide on a major. Because you may think you know what you want to do and then switch it a million times like I did, and that’s okay because college is about finding yourself and your passions and Muskingum is completely on board as a University to help you do just that.

The reasons I personally stayed close to home is because college is scary and full of new and exciting challenges that I just wasn’t ready to face that on my own yet. And the fact that Muskingum is set in small neighboring community made it a perfect choice for me. My little sister was already attending before I transferred in my junior year. I knew how much she loved being a Muskie and with her being there it felt even more like home to me. That’s another thing that is great about small schools, often they are centered in small quant little communities with little neighboring communities near by so you really do get that hometown feel instead of the big city rush. And in that point in my life that’s exactly the type of environment I needed.

The last question is the one I get a lot. Why not a big state school or why did you leave your big school? And its simply, I felt like my potential wasn’t being fully met. There are lots of distractions outside of the classroom as well as within the classroom. I was intimated by the large class sizes, and the fact that professors couldn’t tell me from Adam made communication difficult. I mean there’s nothing wrong with wanting to go to these type of universities, they do have a lot of positives as well just like any school. But for me transferring to Muskingum just made sense. My GPA has improved tremendously, I’ve joined numerous organizations, and have made connections and memories that will last a lifetime. Muskingum is home, and my heart is full of Muskie pride!





Fall Break Hermits

Hey Muskies! So as you all probably know, fall break is coming up this weekend and most of you are probably going to see your families. However, some of you, myself included, are staying here on campus for break. Varying reasons may apply but for me it’s the distance. I am quite far  away from home and by the time I get there and account for the drive back, I lose a day from the break which is already a fairly short. So I have decided I will stay here to catch up on some work(I say now but probably will not.)

But there are perks to being a Fall Break Hermit. One being the peace and quiet. Even the hardest of partiers enjoy some silence.  It’s also a good time to catch up with the work and chores you’ve been avoiding. You’ve got all of break and no deadlines to stress you out. My favorite thing to do when staying on campus over break is just to get together with some friends who are also staying, order some food, and play some games or just chill.

So if you’re staying on campus be sure to make the most of it. Take it easy Muskies.

Why Even GO Here?!

To be honest, Muskingum was my second choice college until the last month of my senior year in high school. At first, I was fascinated by a huge state school with 45,000 undergrads in a major city. Muskingum looked nice and I loved the campus and all of the people when I visited, but I was dead set on living a fast paced life in the city.

Until I visited that huge school. Then I realized there would be 500 students in my Comp 101 class. No one on one with the professor if I needed help. I visited Muskingum again after that and tried not to like it because I didn’t think I wanted a small school, and ended up really connecting even more with all the faculty and students I came in contact with. I was convinced after my second visit that this was a friendlier place to be.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with going to a big school. But for me, Muskingum is the perfect size because you feel like you know everyone, and you don’t have to take a bus to get to your parking spot. There are so many opportunities at Muskingum but because it’s a smaller school, there is a lot less competition for internships, jobs, and leadership roles. The chances of getting that scholarship or becoming president of your club or winning a poetry contest are much higher.

The first few weeks of school might still be tough because you’re living in a new place, but pretty soon you’ll find yourself involved on campus and loving every minute of it. This is my second year at Muskingum and I’ve never once regretted my decision to come here. I’m not always the best at making close friends in a new place, but the friends I’ve made here are truly some of the best I’ve ever had. I’ve had leadership and employment opportunities I never would have gotten in a larger school with so many more people vying for the positions, especially as a first year. Most other places, you won’t get your foot in the door in a leadership role until you’re an upperclassman. Although the same is generally true anywhere, it is definitely way less of a thing here. If there’s a need and you’re qualified to fill it, it often doesn’t matter what year you are.

Heads up: College is going to be a little tougher than high school and can take some getting used to during the first month or so of classes. But by the end of the semester you’ll forget you ever felt that way, and feel as though you were born already a Muskie.🙂

We’re Back Jack!

Hey everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed your summers. Its crazy how fast those three months fly by. But here in Muskie land were off to another great year. With month numero uno already in the books. Yeah I know, its crazy how time passes by when you’re having so much fun rocking the magenta and black. I mean I know y’all had a blast the other night beasting it up at lazar-tag. Shout out to the winners. And come on the rockin’ obstacle course on the east-lawn, how awesome. The sports teams here at Muskingum are off to a swimming start as well. The football team is currently 2-1 with a win over Marietta last week. Great Job Guys! Greek recruitment week has started. Super excited to see which fraternities and sororities you guys join. With homecoming and varsity review (huge talent competition) right around the corner, the month of October is about to make an even bigger splash than September has. Ahh its great being back in Muskieville.