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Balancing Time

The biggest challenge I have had to and currently am facing is the matter of balancing my time.  Between classes, extracurriculars, jobs and other activities, it is always overwhelming the first few weeks of semester as I, along with numerous other college students across the globe try to figure out how to balance everything so our semester runs smoothly.

The best advice I could give to potential college students is to have a plan.  Personally, I find typing out a schedule of everything I have going on for the week and always carrying a copy with me to be very effective.  This way I always know what I have to do and the time I have to get it all done.  Some students purchase dry erasable calenders or boards and write out everything they have to accomplish for that day, while others (and yes, I have seen this) purchase small recorders and record thier schedule.  Different things work for different people, and for some people, this could include not making a plan at all and just taking everything as it comes!   🙂


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