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Lending a Helping Hand

These past two days I have been helping an international student edit an essay.  This has been an exciting experience for me as I get to put my English major skills to the test while at the same time having the opportunity to work with an international student.

Finding help on this campus when you need it is a very easy thing to.  Chances are, if one person can’t help you with something, they will know someone who can.  I can’t begin to tell you how many tmes this has happened to me, and how many new friends I have made as result!

I’d like to share one special memory of someone who definitely lent me a helping hand.  The first semester of my freshman year, I had come down with a horrible flu virus.  On one of the nights I was sick, I heard a knock at the door.  It was my friend from down the hall.  Smiling, she handed me a box full of  tissues, cans of chicken noodle soup, some Sprite, and even a whole box of crackers.  I was amazed-I didn’t even know she knew I was sick! “This is for you, I heard you were really sick,” she said cheerfully “…hopefully this will help you get better!” Boy was I ever amazed-I just couldn’t believe how nice it was of her to do that.  Talk about lending a helping hand!    🙂


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