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Little things matter more

This is going to sound like a plug and that I am getting paid to say this but, I LOVE NEW CONCORD. Muskingum is connected to a rather small Village, but it is awesome. I was walking around town last night (around midnight) and I realized how nice it is to have a town that I don’t have to worry about a bunch of traffic or a lot of chaos.

To iron out the reasoning for this, there is a coffeeshop right outside of campus called Uppity’s and I believe I am there more often than the employees, but it really encompasses the idea of New Concord and Muskingum. They know my name, they know what I order, and even sometimes they will change the music to songs that they know I like. I will do homework there for hours, not realizing that I have had 6 cups of coffee and won’t be able to sleep that night. But even with that I am happy because I can walk around town and appreciate the little things, like a 2 AM Circle K run or sitting on the ‘S’ Bridge watching traffic go by.

The little things are what makes Muskingum different, and those little things can be seen all around the campus.


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