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A MOUSE in the House

Ever since I moved off campus, I’ve learned a lot about growing up. I pay my own rent each month, the cable bill, do dishes, and clean. But last week was a little more than I could handle. I was walking in the kitchen and I saw a mouse running across the floor!!! I’ve lived at my house for over a year now and I’ve never seen any varmints, so this was quite a surprise. When I lived at home, I would have just called my dad and he would have taken care of it. But that wasn’t an option now. So my roommates and I decided to try and catch the mouse ourselves. But when we set up the mouse trap, we didn’t think about what we would have to do if we actually caught it. The next day, there was a mouse lying on the mouse trap. You should have seen us trying to get it out of the house. I clamped the mouse trap with two paintbrushes I found in the kitchen and pulled the squirming mouse out of the house. Then one of my roommates grabbed a bag and I threw it in the bag. It was ridiculous!! Three girls trying to remove a live mouse is not a good combination. I guess we still have a lot to learn. HAHA


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