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Liberal Arts…what?

I know this is true for most places of higher education, but taking classes here at Muskingum that have nothing to do with my major is something I still find amazing. I bring this up because I am about to schedule for next semester and I have to take some classes that are not connected with either Digital Media Design or Business.

Here are some of the top picks; Physical Education courses, I get credit for learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, how sweet is that. Next up, Math for Elementary teachers; I get to not only learn math again, but I learn how to teach it to the youth of the world. Solid skills I will use whenever the litter of Nick comes about. Finally is Intro to Computing; where I learn how to write and edit basic code for computing, which has nothing to do with my major but yet something that really intrigues me, so I am taking it.

None of these classes are required, I have no obligation, but these types of classes break up my learning, keep me excited for class and keep me interested in different topics.


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