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What is college?

I know college is supposed to be about the education that we gain over the 4 (plus) years we spend at a center for higher education. But I feel that the things that are most important are not in the classrooms or the books that you read; but rather the people you are reading them with.

I am usually the Monday blogger, I didn’t do one this week (sorry) because of preparing for finals week (yippie). But as I was walking back from Caldwell Hall something hit me. That my life is going to change dramatically after next week. My friends, my activities, so much will change that I don’t know what will stay the same. Attached is a photo of some friends and me, each one will be out of my life soon, and that is a strange and scary thought to me. That picture was taken in St. Louis, during a random weekend road trip. Much money was spent, and good times were shared. But soon that is all I will have of the people that I went on the trip with, memories.

I do not write this post as a negative, or a depressing addition to your day. Rather I look at as an opportunity to expand my horizons in different ways. I am loosing some of my closest friends, but that means that I will meet new people, give some people another try and build up the friendships that were put on the back burner.

College isn’t class, college isn’t test, college is friendships and the experiences that come from those. It could be a simple afternoon in the local coffee shop or a road trip to another state; it doesn’t matter, because all of those times will never leave me.

Sorry to anyone who reads this and will be out of my life next semester and isn’t in the picture, sadly there are many of you, all of which I will miss deeply (especially you Michael Besl)


One Response

  1. Nice post, Nick! It is SO hard to see friends leave.

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