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Being a Muskie Changed Me

After scanning my past yearbooks from my previous semesters at Muskingum, I began thinking back to when I first began, and wow, have I changed since then. Yeah, I changed mentally, as most students do, since that is one of the reasons you should come to college – to help your mind grow into that of a young adult. But I changed in so many different aspects, like physically. Let me just say that this campus (and village/county, too!) offers some awesome hills for running and biking – not to mention the brand new Chess Center that has a gym on the second floor. When I made the conscious decision to make fitness and eating healthy a lifestyle change – not just a temporary mindset – Muskingum was there for me in more ways than one. I can’t tell you how many pounds I’ve dropped or how much stronger I have become physically just because this campus offers such good gym facilities when those Muskingum hills are snowy and icy. Not to mention being able to eat salads and other healthy dining options in the dining hall have also helped me to slim down and become healthier – you just have to know what to eat in order to achieve your own fitness goals. Believe me, if you can dream it, Muskingum can help you.


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