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The Muskie Bundle

It’s winter, thus walking around campus stinks. Don’t get me wrong, the Quad is beautiful when it is covered in snow, and nothing can compare to the fun of sled riding all over campus with your friends. But when it comes to making the trek across campus in pursuit of course work and lectures, one would probably rather stay in sipping hot cocoa and faking the sniffles. However, I believe with the “Muskie bundle” technique that I see many of our students doing, you’ll be wanting to run out into the cold in no time because, frankly, you’ll be so warm you won’t even feel the frosty wind.

The Muskie bundle trick? Well, it is fairly common among most, it’s called layering. Yep, that simple word means SO much when you actually practice what it preaches. Here are some step by step directions of how to bundle successfully so you can enjoy the Muskingum campus.

1) Put on a long-sleeved shirt. 2)Put on a short-sleeved shirt. 3) Put on a hoodie or zip-up sweatshirt (I find zip-ups to be more layer friendly, but hey, you gotta use what you got). 4) Put on pants (if you are wearing sweat pants, put on shorts BEFORE the sweat pants to keep your lower half warmer). 5) Put on a winter coat. 6) Apply gloves and hat. 7) Place scarf around face (believe me, this is a MUST if you don’t want wind burn!) – don’t forget some thick socks and winter boots AND OFF YA GO! You’ll find when you get to classes after your 5 to 10 minute walk that you will feel warm. Take off one or two layers to adjust your body temperature! 🙂

Hope you all can keep warm this winter!


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