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Music in the Air

The Music program at Muskingum is certainly fun, but it does involve lots of hard work.    Presently, the most exciting aspect of the music program is that we are getting a new building, Walter Hall, which is set to open next year.  If you visit campus, you can’t miss it.  Presently, we are located in Paul Hall, the oldest building on campus, built in 1873.  Regardless of which building we are in, it is still important to remember that the academic work and practicing are the keys to success. 

As a first year music student, you take Music Theory I, which meets four days per week.  You also take Aural Skills, which is ear training.  This class meets twice per week.  The other academic obligation is Performance Seminar.  This meets once per week.  The idea of this class is to judge your peers as they perform on stage, and at some point, they will be judging you too.

Aside from the academic work, there are other obligations as well.  Students must enroll in applied lessons (either voice or instrumental) and ensemble (either Choir or the Wind and Percussion Ensemble).  Each of these are worth a credit.  There are also numerous other ensembles that you can join if you want. 

Just like many organizations on campus, you do not have to be a major or minor to be involved in music.  Our programs can only operate with the help of majors from all over campus.  All students are free to join the Choir and Wind and Percussion Ensemble, as well as take lessons in their applied area.

Muskingum music is a wonderful experience, and I encourage anybody and everybody to become involved.


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