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Going back in time…

I am a History major.  The reason I became a history major is because I find it interesting.  However, as proof that college can change your direction, I will tell the following story:

When I declared my History major, I though that I wanted to study only American history, and that history courses from other parts of the world were just going to be a pain.  But as I have begun to take other courses, I realize that I still love American history, but I also have a fondess for other parts of the world as well.

I have realized that I think Europe is a pretty neat place, and that more has taken place in Asia over the years than people seem to think.  Of course, there is Central America and South America too.  Then, the place that I never thought I would be interested in: Africa.  I find all these places fascinating.  Unfortunately, I do have to choose, because there is only so much time in one semester. 

The bottom line is: be open to changes in your thinking.  There are so many opportunites at Muskingum.  Don’t shut them out.


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