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Celebrate New Concord

When you find yourself in New Concord during the summer months, you tend to find yourself trying to kill time. New Concord is a town of familiar faces and small-town places, not a place where entertainment comes easily. Unless, of course, you are of the elderly generation and happen to have your Tuesday evenings free. New Concord has, what it calls, “Celebrate New Concord”. It’s an hour-long concert held Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. in the tiny park next to the Village Hall. It attracts quite a number of New Concordians. This week, the Jones Family was the featured entertainment, singing ballads and love songs from various dramas and genres consistent to the generation in attendance and familiar to almost everyone seated in neat rows of lawn chairs around me. Although the gathering wasn’t exactly what I would consider my type of entertainment, I was glad I gave it a try, instead of walking by a thousandth time, wondering what all the hub-bub was about. Celebrations like this are what small-towns thrive on and I believe they should stay plentiful throughout all small-towns throughout the nation. Even though it might not be what I like now, I’m sure I when I’m aged, I wouldn’t mind an evening in a shaded park listening to all my familiar tunes from my younger years, while holding the hand of my then husband, my now boyfriend, and looking over to him with a type of grin that asks “Remember this song?” Yes, that sentimental feeling of past joys and love is why such celebrations should go on. I am glad I embarked on this New Concord concert. It was certainly a new experience, and it helped me to accomplish my first goal of killing all the time I had in my hands.

Pictures by: Heather Menarcheck

Celebrate New Concord

Carol (center) and Bob Jones (right) singing with their son (left)


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