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A Lesson in Coping

Hello prospective muskies! Welcome to Kiley’s first blog entry of the summer.

Today, I would like to talk about coping. I believe that one key ingredient that goes into surviving the world of college/adulthood is learning how to cope with whatever the hands of fate decide to throw at you.

Learning how to cope with the difficulties in life is not an easy task, but it is an important one to learn, because those who never learn to cope, very often end up living stressful, difficult lives.

Now, mind you, how one copes with issues life deals them depends solely on the individual, and unfortunately, some people don’t cope in a positive manner. To prevent coping negatively,  it is important to learn to cope positively.

This can be accomplished very easily, and successfully.  The first major realization that an individual must make is that they have to learn to accept whatever it is that they are being dealt.  Do not live in denial, but rather, reality.  The more you push yourself in denial, the bigger issues you might come face to face with will become because you will lose the motivation to fix them.  Analyze what you are being dealt with, break it down, and focus each step at a time.  Dealing with life’s burdens all at once is overwhelming and can be at times, dangerous to your well being.

The second major thing that is key to learning how to cope is to find something positive and healthy to do that makes you happy.  It may sound simple and cliched, but the reality is, a lot of people fail at coping because they can never find something to de-stress and make them feel better.


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