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New Concord Fireman’s Festival 2010

New Concord is typically a quiet village, filled with occasional traffic and small town gossip. But once every summer, New Concord is awakened by the smells of grilled meats and the sounds of conversations, not to mention every parking spot imaginable is somehow taken. The New Concord Fireman’s Festival is a two-day village celebration in honor of New Concord’s fire department.

The festival took me from my Main Street apartment, and sent me into a crowd of enjoyment and familiar faces hand in hand with my sweetheart. I enjoyed popcorn served in a plastic John Glenn Muskies megaphone while watching young boys throwing baseballs, attempting to hit the big red button to dunk a poor soul into a tub of cold water. Behind me a band played classic tunes for the older folks sitting in their lawn chairs, tapping their feet. A delicious strawberry smoothie called my name next, followed by a $1 hot dog covered in all your favorites, the money going to the New Concord Fire Department. The entertainment, the food, and the conversation with old friends really made the night an enjoyable one.But the best part, in my opinion, was yet to come. The New Concord Fireman’s Festival Fireworks are a wonder that I encourage all to see. They aren’t just fireworks. They are a marvel at colorful explosives shot off at a very short distance from the spectators. It may seem dangerous at first, but I assure you that being so close to the fireworks ensures a memorable experience. Not only are you twisting your neck directly upward to see the fireworks, but when they explode, they seem as if they are coming straight at you, not to mention the “boom” following is almost deafening – it’s pretty awesome.

The next day, a 5K was held at 9 a.m. and a parade followed at 12 p.m. The parade consisted of local floats and then a appearance of firetrucks from all over the county. Not only does New concord celebrate their own personal fire department, but they embrace the sacrifice and strength of all other fire departments by inviting them to partake in their celebration. A normally empty Main Street was packed full of spectators, which made the parade a sight to see.

New Concord always outdoes herself during this festival, which is just another reason to spend the summer in this small village. I know I’m glad I did.

Picture by: Heather Menarcheck

New Concord Fireman's Festival Parade

New Concord Fireman's Festival Parade


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