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Muskies Win, Muskies Win, OMG the Muskies Win!!

The heat finally broke on campus this past Saturday, making it a wonderful day for a football game. It was the season opener, and an intense one at that. The Muskies cruised to a 7-point lead in just 3 minutes from the opening kick-off signaling a very strong 2010 team. By half-time, the Muskies were shining with a score of 10, while Defiance had a lonely goose egg hanging on the score board. Everything seemed good for the Fighting Muskies, until Definance got a shift of morale and managed to squeak into the endzone and pop the football through the goal post, maing it a now 10-7 game. With just 0:04 left in the 4th Quarter, the scores now being tied 13-13, Muskingum had a chance to take the win with just one field goal. We missed, sending the game into overtime. Both teams managed to get field goals in overtime, sending the game into double overtime. People were sitting on the edge of their seats, fans screaming and chanting, this was it…and the Muskies got a touchdown! Definance scrambled into formation to throw a pass, only to fumble the ball, with the Muskies recovering! “The Muskies win! The Muskies win! OMG the Muskies win!” was screamed over the PA system as everyone jumped literally around the bleachers, giving high fives, screaming ’til their throats were sore, and hugging until the bleachers were cleared.

What a Muskingum game to see! What a shot of Muskie pride! This is what fall at Muskingum is made of, something you can only find within a true Muskingum U atmosphere. That was the last first game of the season for me as a senior and I’m glad I relished in every moment of that game, both during the nail-biting and exciting parts. Go Muskies!!!


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