Student Senate

It was late one night when I was reading our daily emails called “Shanks” and saw something about student senate.  I was curious to what they do and how to become part of it.  I went to one meeting and instantly knew that this was something that I want to do.  Towards the end of the semester in the spring I became Sophomore Class Vice President.  Student Senate meets one time a week for about an hour in the building closest to the dorms. I thought this was a good idea because I don’t know at the end of the day if I could walk up the hills anymore.  Student Senate is a governing body that allows different groups and organizations to come present an idea and need approval in order to do the event.  Also as Sophomore Class Vice President I am the voice of the class, which means that if the students would like something changed I am the one to present the idea.    Not only does this help you get involved in campus life it also looks AMAZING on your resume when you apply for a job.  So if you are thinking about it, I strongly suggest to do it.  🙂


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  1. Senate is having a terrific year! Glad you are a part of the group and enjoy the experience!

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