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Senioritis: The Uncurable College Sickness

I’m a senior, working hard, trying to keep up with everything that is getting thrown my way, and frankly, I’m getting tired. I’ve been doing this school thing for almost my entire life! I’m ready to get out there and take on the rea world. It may sound scary and kind of straight-forward, but there is a reason to my saying this. I feel so prepared by Muskingum’s curriculum that I feel like I am ready to begin my real life out there. Muskingum has changed me, molded me, challenged me, and made me the success of a student that I am today – why not put that to good use? Yeah, I’m getting tired of writing papaers, and I may be procrastinating a lot more than I used to, but, ya know, it’s only fair!! You’ll be in my place soon enough and you’ll see how homework doesn’t seem as important as it used to be because there is a life out there, waiting for you.


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