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My Favorite Muskie Class

As a Senior, I have taken a lot of Muskingum courses, had a plethora of professors, and have experienced an array of teaching styles. To be able to chose just one as a favorite, I believe, would be unfair to those professors who work so hard and love what they do to help give me an education. So, I will list a few courses OUT OF MY MAJOR CLASSES I found to be interesting, fun, and/or just plain good. These would make good LAE choices

HIST 111 – Emergence of the Modern World
As a first semester freshman, this class was scheduled for me without my consent. I figured it would be some type of history about the modern world. Well, I was thrown a curve ball by “Hilton-the-Hammer” or Dr. Laura Hilton, who, not only provided a ton of information about the histories of Genghis Khan and the Great Mongol Empire, but was strict in assignments, exams, and grading. Not to mention I was in a class of sophomores, and I was the only freshman. I learned how to take awesome notes, how to sort through all those notes and study for an exam, and how to just enjoy the intellectual level of a college professor. Dr. Hilton knew so much about what she was teaching, that I was enthralled. Her wonderful sense of humor helped make things better, too. I pulled off an “A-” for this hard but good course.

BIOL 105 – Human Biology for Non-Majors
I have always had a secret passion for biology. With a past dream of becoming an endocrinologist, I loved learning about the body. However, I knew I wasn’t going to go down that path, so this course gave me a little taste of what it might have been like to be in this field. Dr. Amy Santas was a delightful professor who knew exactly how to make the complicated information within the text understandable to the non-major students. I felt so smart when I was in this class because I understood the material so well. Dr. Santas even held study groups after class to help us to go over material before exams. She would take us to Uppity’s (the town coffeehouse) and buy us coffee while helping us go over material about cells, the body systems, etc. I got an “A” in this class, too, simply because the professor made the material understandable.

FREN 212 – Intermediate French II
As a lover of French culture, and a four-year high school French background, this class not only taught me a lot about the language I loved so dearly, but it helped me to get to know those within the Modern Language department where I made friends. This course helped me to make the hard decision that every student goes through, deciding a future path/major. Dr. Morris gave me so many different opportunities to shine within my field, even by taking me on an all expenses paid trip to New Orleans for two days to experience French culture within the French Quarter of New Orleans. I received an “A” in this course, as well.

I didn’t choose to tell about these courses just because I received an “A” in them. I received an “A” because the professors helped me to reach that potential, even though going into that class I never thought I could achieve such a thing.


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  1. Merci, Heather. C’est sympathique.

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