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Louisville, KY Media Conference

If you have been following my blogs, you know I was to travel to Louisville, KY for a National Media Conference, all expenses paid by Muskingum. Here is the article I wrote about my experience that appeared in this past week’s B&M:

This past Thursday, I found myself sitting alongside Dr. Wagner in the front seat of her car, my husband in the back, heading to Louisville, KY for an Associated Collegiate Press/College Media Advisers National College Media Convention that was being held in the city of possibility from Oct. 27 to Oct. 30. I was to present a paper at this convention, a paper that I had originally written for my journalism ethics class. Apparently the content and argument of my paper was perfect for this convention, and here I was, off to experience an incredible opportunity.
About 5 to 6 hours later, the skyline of the city popped up from the horizon, and I was filled with a sense of joy, like the joy one might feel on Christmas day. I was getting ready to unwrap the possibility of Louisville and I couldn’t have been more excited.
The hotel was immense, shiny, and apparently, the biggest hotel in the state of Kentucky complete with a skyway catwalk that attached the east side of the hotel with the west side. My room was on the twentieth floor in the west side of the hotel, giving my husband and I a view of the city to die for.

View from our Window on the 20th floor

A view from our Window on the 20th floor

Downstairs in the east side, the hotel was buzzing with student journalists from all over America. A table was covered in piles of campus newspapers for students to pick up, read, and take home. Grad schools with tables littered with goodies filled the conference room, along with CNN and AP (Associated Press) representatives, handing out key chains and flyers, and taking student information for future contacts. I was amazed. Finally, I was in an atmosphere where everything I have ever done within my journalism career could truly be appreciated for what it was. Upon talking to another student journalist at a coffee bar while contemplating whether I wanted to buy a cup, I said “It’s so nice to finally be somewhere where our work and what we do is appreciated.”
“I know,” he said laughing,“ It’s refreshing to know that everyone around us right now understands us and what we do.”
As the hours progressed, I experienced Louisville’s fine dining and culture, enjoyed the atmosphere of an authentic English pub, listened to live music, saw Colonel Sanders outside of KFC, sipped coffee and put the finishing touches on my presentation in a two-story coffee shop, and even enjoyed my love of running by crossing over the Ohio River and running into Indiana.
The morning of my presentation, Dr. Wagner, my husband, and I met at a bagel shop and discussed briefly my paper and her opening comments. I was nervous but I was ready to finally present. Here I was in my element and here I was succeeding. The presentation held in a hall on the third floor of the hotel began at 11:30 a.m. My topic was about politicians and whether the media should cover them as celebrities or hold them to a higher standard and respect and cover them differently. My focus was on Nicolas Sarkozy, the current president of France. (I had to fit my love of France in there somewhere). And I can honestly say that couldn’t have asked for a better presentation. The number of people that attended was fantastic and the conversation they began and kept going afterward was not only interesting, but refreshing as well.

Heather and Dr. Wagner just before my presentation

Heather and Dr. Wagner just before my presentation

I felt a bout of sadness as we hit the highway. the Louisville skyline in the rear view mirror. Louisville was amazing and I had learned so much about the city, about media opportunities, and myself.
I can’t thank Muskingum enough for, not only preparing me for the real world and giving me an education in the major of my dreams, but for also believing in me and giving me this opportunity. Thank you, Muskingum.


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