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A Heart-warming Time (Well… For me, at least)

Last week marked a very special, heart-warming time of the school year for me – I got to schedule my classes for next semester. I know, this was NOT the line you were expecting to see. I think that class scheduling is amazing because, well, it is the sign that change is coming. Also, I just like the thrill and the uncertainty.

Class Scheduling here is so much different than scheduling in high school was. For high school, we had a course catalog and a piece of card stock that we filled out the classes that we wanted to take and then had our teachers in that subject area that year sign if they recommended or didn’t recommend that we take that class. Then we turned it in to the guidance office and they arranged everything from there.

College scheduling does have the first part. We fill out an advising worksheet and then we meet with our academic advisors and then they sign if they recommend the classes or not. Then, we turn the worksheets into the Registrar.

…BUT WAIT!!! THERE’S MORE!!!! The part after this is exciting because you yourself have to log in after a specified date and time and register for you classes yourself! It’s really exciting for me because you wonder “Will I get into that class or will I have to find a different route to go?”. Scheduling can be very intimidating. My biggest piece of advise is to be open to change. As a first year, you may not get the exact schedule that you want. Have several possibilities available. That way, if one of the classes fills up, you have another way to go.

Overall, I love scheduling. I only schedule 2 more times (which is really sad – I am beginning to show my age). Now that I have scheduled, I am very excited about what next semester will hold


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