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Multi-Camera Production: A real class for the real world

I am currently in this class called Multi-Camera Production and Directing, and at first it was a lot of work and a lot to worry about. However, after the right amount of training (which occurs DURING class time) I have become somewhat confident in using the cameras in the TV studio, and working the audio board, along with the teleprompter – along with many other types of equipment that I won’t even mention due to complexity.

I even managed to produce my own show – yes, my OWN show. I had a few weeks to work on the ideas, the images, picking the music, setting up the studio, and write a video/audio script from scratch. I met with the professor, drew up light and stage plots, and even found an outside “talent” (as we call them) to come and perform within my production. Directing the entire thing was a challenge, but I learned so much. I couldn’t have asked for more of a rewarding class, because this experience is something I can ACTUALLY use in the real world!! I am now looking in to working with WHIZ doing the same things that I learned within this course. Who knows, this course may have set me up for a wonderful lifetime career.


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