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Where Does the Time Go?

As I am sitting here writing, I am stunned at the fact that this semester is almost over. I always ask the question “Where does the time go?”. And with good reason. You always hear parents say “Don’t grow up too fast” and “Once you turn 18, time will start flying”. These things are so true.

It feels like just yesterday that I came on the Muskingum campus, not knowing where anything was. Over the course of the 2-and-a-half years that I have been here, I have developed some of the closest friendships that I have ever had. Now, I am sitting here, the day before Thanksgiving, just reminiscing over the time that has gone by. I still cannot believe that I will be a senior this next semester (I will still graduate in May 2012).

So, with Thanksgiving approaching, my message to you is: Be Thankful for the time that you have. College is a rare experience. Yes, there are ups and downs along the way, but you will encounter those anywhere you go. Truly appreciate the time that you have and the friendships that you develop. 4 years may seem like a long time. That’s what I thought back in August 2008…but the time goes by so quickly. Don’t be swept away with the swiftly passing time. Just cherish the time that you have. This experience is an experience that will change your life.


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