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Ice Ice Baby

On Wednesday it started to snow up here at Muskingum. When it snows our maintenance crew is right on top of everything. Even though they do everything they can to make the roads and sidewalks clear but they cannot get it all. On Friday morning I was walking out of my dorm to go to class and right in front of me was a girl who was walking to class. I’m not going to tell her name because what happened next was pretty embarrassing. She had in her hand a cup of coffee along with the normal class stuff. Right outside the dorm is a huge hill, just like all of Muskingum, but right at the top of it is steeper than the other hills. Right as soon as she took a step on the hill she slipped on the ice and he cup went flying up in the air. She hit the ground and the coffee fell right on top of her white jacket. Of course I tried not to laugh at her but she was laughing too so I laughed too. This is just a warning for everyone in the winter time, watch out for the ice because even if you never have fell, it very well could happen to you.


One Response

  1. Hmm…sounds like the hill right outside of Mem/Moore! I would definitely recommend walking by the frats when it’s icy. It might take longer but you will be safer!

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