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Back to the Beginning

It’s here!! Another semester at Muskingum has begun! This semester is strange for me because this is my first semester as a SENIOR. AHHHHHHH!

I love the beginning of each semester because there is such a newness to things. I like going into my classes and wondering who I know in the classes. I also like to see how big my classes are. This semester, one of my math classes has 5 people and one of my communication classes has 6 people! Talk about personal!!

It is always strange to come back from an extended break and go back into classes. I know that it will take me a little while to get used to the busy-ness of it all. But, if this semester is anything like last semester, it will fly by. So, while this may be my busiest semester thus far, it will also be one of the quickest.

There are so many things that I am looking forward to this semester, from things in my classes to things with WMCO, including WMCO Weekend, which occurs the final weekend of this month!! I’m looking forward to telling you about everything going on. But that will be for another day….Ahaha! Cliffhanger on a blog. I love it!!


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