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Senior Secret Spiller: Food

Do you want to avoid the “Freshman 15” ? Do you just want to eat healthy while on campus? Are you sick of dining hall food and would like other options that you can afford and keep on hand? Then check out these Senior Secret Spillers…

1. You paid for your meal plan – but you hate the food selection? Then mix it up a little. Get the things your body NEEDS at the dining hall, like veggies, fruit, whole wheat/grains, and your meat to cut caloric intake while in the dining hall. Then head to the New Concord IGA to get snacks – but go to the DOLLAR section instead. The dollar/non-taxable section full of goodies like popcorn, instant coffee, tea, chips, cookies, fruit snacks, etc. ALL for a $1 each (I promise)! Stock-up on your study-snacks there. This way, you are eating the MOST expensive items at the dining hall where it is “free” and the cheap goodies you want to snack on are stored away in your dorm.

2. How do you store your dorm food? It’s time to get clever and think like a squirrel. Use any extra space possible to store your goodies. Can you hang ALL of your shirts in the closet instead of putting them in a drawer? If so, you can use that empty drawer for food space (you can do this same thing with your desk drawers, too). Do you have plastic containers? If so, put the food in there and stash it under your bed, or stack the containers behind the dorm door and make a pantry-like storage unit (if you do put the food behind the door, then you are indirectly telling your roommate that you will share!! So be aware of what you are doing!)

3. What kinds of food are good for dorm-living? Non-perishable! Believe me, if it will go bad, it will. As a busy college student you aren’t constantly thinking about the freshness of your food. The next thing you know, you’ll be reaching for a snack that’s gone bad! Think chips, cookies, fruits snacks, granola/cereal bars, pop tarts, bottled beverages (but please recycle after!)…typically anything that is individually wrapped. Only go for fresher things if you have a mini-fridge in your dorm.

4. Ramen-Noodles? Ahh, the cheap, easy, cook anywhere noodle. I recommend getting an obnoxious amount of these. Just be sure to find out if the dorm you are living in has the proper facilities to make them (micro-fridges here have a microwave on the top and most have a microwave in the common areas).


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