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A Blustery Winter Day

As the sun peaks over the horizon, I begin walking down the path. The snow covered landscape lays before me. Everything is covered in a mantle of white. A harsh wind blows past, stirring up columns of freshly fallen snow. As I walk by, I pause, taking in the scene taking place around me. So quiet…so peaceful…so serene.

As you read the opening lines, you may ask “Is this the opening of a novel?”. No, my dear reader. This is not part of a novel…or a screenplay. This is winter…at Muskingum.

One of the big reasons why I decided to come to Muskingum was because I loved the natural environment of Muskingum. I had never seen a campus with so many trees…or hills, for that matter. Winter is my favorite season at Muskingum for several reasons. Each season holds special meaning, but the landscape has a glow of newness, of beauty to me when the winter comes.

On a given snowy night, I can be walking on campus and stop and watch the snow, sparkling as it falls to the ground. The campus is silent, peaceful. Looking at the trees, outlined with a thin layer of white, I notice the intricacies of the twisted branches.

This season is beautiful. I hope that, if you can look past the cold, you can see it too.


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