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The Running Journalist: You Are What You Eat

The Running Journalist is a fitness column for the students of Muskingum published weekly on the Special Section page of the Black & Magenta.

Check here weekly to get your glimpse of our campus newspaper!

Published: 11 Feb 2011

Have you found yourself working out consistently, but the weight hasn’t yet melted off? You know that broken record saying that “you are what you eat,” so why are so many people still eating poorly and still expecting to see results?

If you want to see real results in real time, then you must alter your diet. How do you do that?  According to weightlossforall.com, a basic information guide to losing weight, you “should learn to pick out the best foods from your normal daily diet and use them to form the basis for your new diet.”   What does that mean? Figure out what foods you eat are the healthiest – and DON’T change that. Design a diet around those foods.   For example, if you normally eat veggies during lunch or dinner, then keep that up and expand on it. Eat veggies for BOTH lunch and dinner – and perhaps even for a mid-afternoon snack.  Is pretty much everything you eat unhealthy? Then it’s time for an intervention. Jump-start a new diet by actually eating breakfast and make it a healthy one with better options, like low fat and low sugar yogurt, fruit, cereal with skim milk, whole wheat toast with peanut butter, low sugar oatmeal, etc. Make lunch the bigger meal if you can, adding whole grain pastas with lots of veggies to ensure you get enough energy throughout the day, but also so the carbs from lunch will be processed by dinner. Make dinner high in protein. Why protein? According to articlealley.com, “When someone does not receive the required amount of protein that their bodies need, their muscles would start to break down. This happens because the body does not have many places to store it, like it can with fat.”  Yep, that means the right amount of protein digested in your new diet will help your muscles get firm instead of being squishy and droopy. And, as stated in my previous column last week, accompany all meals with water! Pop does nothing for your figure, so why put something in your body that will do nothing but make you gain weight?  Remember, it might taste good for about one minute, but after that amazing taste bud sensation, it will most likely just be stored as fat. 

So before putting those greesy french fries, that saturated-fat filled candy bar, that sugary piece of cake, or that fifth piece of pizza to your mouth, ask yourself, is it really worth it?


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