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The Running Journalist: Set Some Goals

The Running Journalist is a fitness column for the students of Muskingum published weekly on the Special Section page of the Black & Magenta.

Check here weekly to get your glimpse of our campus newspaper!

Published: 18 Feb 2011

It was once said that a man without goals is an unfulfilled one.

When it comes to fitness, if goals aren’t set, then why even bother? To feel successful with fitness, two types of goals must be set: short term and long term goals. 

Setting these short term goals should be the first thing to do before putting on your workout garb. Ask yourself what you want from your workout. A thinner stomach? A tighter behind? A lower number when you step on the scale? Then design your workout around those goals. Short term goals are typically set within a three to twelve month range.

When it comes to long term goals, you don’t necessarily need to be fitness oriented. Long term goals can range from wanting to someday run a marathon to wanting to make a loved one proud, or to just be healthier and live longer. Long term goals are typically set at least one year out, and can go indefinitely. While working on your goals, try to mix up the fitness monotony by braching out of your comfort zone and trying a race or other type of physical competitive event. 

I cringed at the idea at first, feeling much too intimidated to do such a thing. Then, I tried a 5K and all of that intimidation vanished. I randomly showed up to a 5K race in 2009 and signed up at the very last minute. I had only been a casual runner up to that day, and I didn’t even follow any type of training regimen for this 5K. I was going in “blind.” Needless to say, although I barely finished, I was proud that I gave it a shot, and now my fitness goals (both short and long term) revolve around my love of running and racing. I am now more fit (and more prepared) than I ever imagined I could be, mostly because I tried racing and it stuck. 

I will be running in that same 5K this upcoming summer, but this time, that 5K will just be a small, but fun bump in my workout road to my marathon this September. I’ve come far with fitness – and I have my goals to thank.

Goals help get you to a point where you can look at yourself and say, “Wow, I did it. I wonder what else I can do; I wonder how much far I can push myself?” I want you to be able to say that to yourself…

So, remember that a man without goals is an unfulfilled one, so go set those goals, have fun, be fulfilled, and be fit. 



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