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The Muskie Mumble #2

The Muskie Mumble –  the REAL Muskingum, from REAL Muskies!

Since graduation is quickly approaching, many upperclassmen are reminicing on the joys and experiences they have had during their undergraduate career. For this edition of the Muskie Mumble, we’re sharing a few Muskies’ favorite moments while studying at Muskingum.

Mumble of the week:

What has been your most memorable experience while being a Muskie?

“My most memorable experience as a muskie is being able to lay out on the grass on a beautiful day out and just relax with friends and enjoy the weather.” – Muskie Kristin
“I would probably say freshman year, a few weeks into the school year, when I had met a really great group of people and we began to form friendships that have lasted throughout the past 3 years. However, for a more specific memory, I would say the evenings when everyone would finish up with their classes and head out to the volleyball court at mem/moore to play until the sun went down” – Muskie Jourdon
“I’m really happy I joined the sorority, Delta Gamma Theta. I can’t imagine not being with these girls. They have made my college years amazing and I’m looking forward to ending my senior year with them and making many more memories.” – Muskie Stephanie
“My most memorable experience as a Muskie is definitely being able to play Capture the Flag and Hide & Seek on the quad after dark and not get in trouble:).” – Muskie Lauren
“I would say the first time I went to a cookout in frat circle. It was at Phi Tau. I’ve never felt so welcome by a complete group of strangers in my life. And it was genuine.” – Muskie Dan
“My most memorable experience as a muskie would have to be during my freshmen year sometime. The whole year was just incredible. When you’re like me, going away to college where you know absolutely no one and you’re just surrounded by strangers, it can be really intimidating. But honestly, to me, the best thing at Muskingum are the people. College is stereotyped as this experience where you meet your lifelong friends, and I can honestly say the friends I’ve made and the experiences I’ve had here will be with me for the rest of my life.” – Muskie Sarah

Stay tuned in for a new Mumble next week!


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