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Senior Year

Where does one begin with a title as exciting as that?

That’s what I’m defining this year, my last full year at Muskingum.

And I can happily say, that while I am absolutely in love with this place, and secretly want the experiences here to never end, that I am excited to see what lies ahead of me, and what I will do and achieve because of what Muskingum has done for me.

… I’ll talk about the mushy stuff come April, but for now, here’s what you should know about me;

  • My name is Katie and I am a English Education major from Newark, Ohio.
  • I am a tour guide, a Student Senate representative, an active member of Greek life, a Muskie Preview leader and a First Year Seminar Mentor.
  • I live in a house with five other Greek Life members, and I can assure you that these five women will probably be the subject matter for most of my blogs, because we learn a lot of valuable life lessons together. (Yesterday we taught a housemate how to use blinds) : It really is the little things in life.
  • I am currently working on an internship with the History Department for a museum quality exhibit for Muskingum’s 175th Anniversary, and I am incredibly excited about it.
  • And finally, I am constantly busy with something that is happening on campus.

It is my goal to inform you of all of the incredible opportuinites that Muskingum has to offer.

Every Wednesday I will update you, I hope that you will enjoy my senior year with me.

(ps. Today at the activities fair, which is a chance for all students to walk around and figure out what it is they want to become involved with on campus,  there was a flash mob. It was so cool. I’ll post pictures next week)


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