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Should I stay or should I go?

Hey there followers,

This afternoon I am going to share a little bit about a question that weighs on students minds when they are here or before they even attend here and are just checking the school out. The question is should I stay on campus this weekend or go home?

It really is a difficult question, but Muskingum makes the decision easy. I was actually thinking about this exact question this morning, while in class. If you are wondering I was paying attention, so no worries. I thought about the options all the pros and cons of either side. Clearly, if you leave you miss out on a bunch of fun things and time with friends. For example, this weekend Centerboard is sponsoring the movie Super 8 and on Saturday after the football game, there will be fire works. How awesome is all that, yeah pretty awesome. Centerboard, to clarify, is the student activities board, which brings all kinds of awesome activities to campus and some times sponsors trips. I just signed up the other day to go white water rafting, which I think will be a lot of fun. I can’t wait actually, I just hope it’s not too cold.

There are a million different things to do on campus, you just have to get involved and seek them out. I had a hard time with this my freshmen year and almost considered transferring until I got involved. I actually first got involved with Centerboard. From that point on things were great and I always had something to do. Although, at first glance Muskingum may look like a boring place, but it really isn’t there is a lot of great things to do and a lot of great people to hang out with. I rarely if ever go home at all, because I’d rather not miss something going on here. I love it here as mentioned last week.

So, back to that question, should I stay or should I go? Stay! Enjoy everything the school has to offer whether that’s a movie, fireworks, a sporting event, or just chilling with friends.

You should stay.

Well, until next week,




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