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Student Senate vs. Glee

Hey Bloggers,

Every Tuesday night, in the top of the Chess center at 8pm there is a group of students who meet every week to discuss all that is happening on campus.

I know, I know, everyone is magically booked on Tuesdays at 8 for Glee.

How dare they schedule a meeting during the best hour of my week, right?

The good news is, that Fox posts the newest episode of Glee every wednesday, so that for those of us in meetings, can still catch up on the latest at McKinley.

So what is Student Senate? and why would I ever want to be on it?

Student Senate is a student ran and operated group on campus, that is able to allocate money to groups to do fun activities on campus, as well as, be a place where students can come to voice their opinions and hope to change things that aren’t going as well as they had planned.

I’ve personally been on Senate since my second year on campus and decided that I enjoyed it way too much to not be on it every year since then.

So how do you join? Within the first couple weeks on campus, Student Senate members always post up flyers explaining first-year elections along with positions that are open from the previous year, so even if you’re not comfortable enough being your class president your first year on campus, you can represent the East Hill, or Greek Honoraries (which is what I represent), along with many other options.

So while we may not burst into song in the middle of a meeting, we do see some pretty interesting things come through Senate, and while I’ll always wish that it wasn’t at 8 on Tuesdays, it’s worth catching Glee on Wednesday to stay up with all that is happening on campus.

See you next Wednesday!

ps. Happy Peace Day!

Katie 🙂





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