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Class Load

Hey guys,

I thought this week maybe I’d give some insight on what a typical semester looks for a student on campus.

What you need to know about scheduling is basically that it is easiest if you can get all of your LAE’s (Liberal Arts Essentials) out of the way in the first couple years at Muskingum in order to focus on Major’s and Minor’s your last few.

Here is my schedule, and the reason why I am currently enrolled in this course.

Math 150: Yes, I am that fourth year in Math 150, because not only do I hate math, or rather despise it, but it doesn’t like me either.

History 111- Emergence of the Modern World- while some take this as an LAE, I am taking it because it fulfills my History minor.

Music 310- Excursions in World Music- is both an LAE requirement and an upper level class (and you need 40 credit hours in classes 300 level or above)

English 210- Advanced Writing- Fulfills my English Major

History 315- Holocaust- This one is also one many take for LAE, but also an upper level course, but for me it finishes my History minor too.

History 398- A History internship I’m currently working on, where myself and three other Muskies along with two professors are working on putting together a Museum quality exhibit to celebrate Muskingum’s 175th Anniversary in March of 2012.

IDIS 300-1: First Year Seminar Mentor, basically I meet with 15 first years, another senior and a faculty member twice a week to ensure that all first year’s are getting all the questions to their answers and are becoming quickly acclimated to Muskingum’s campus. This is my third year being a mentor, and I love it, it’s such a great way to meet new students on campus.

Total credit hours:19

(a full time student is minimum 12 credit hours) : it’s a really busy semester for me, but I’m really enjoying it all!

As I mentioned, it is easier for most to get LAE’s out of the way, but because of my double major, both Secondary Education and English, I worked my schedule so that I was done with my Education classes in three years, in order to finish my minors and major in the last couple.

Every student’s schedule is different, but this is just one example of what a typical student schedule looks like.

Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday!



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