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Staying Focused

Hello everyone!

This past few weeks have been the weeks of first exams in many of my classes. What you’ll quickly figure out as you adjust to the college style is that exams are nothing like in high school. It’s pretty rare that you can actually do well without preparing beforehand. It doesn’t matter where you choose to go to college, you’re going to have to learn how to study. Personally, I’ve found that notecards work really well. It always helps to take really good notes. Writing stuff down makes it easier to remember later on, and the more you write it–the more likely you’ll remember it. A big thing I’ve grown accustomed to this year is studying in groups. Here at Muskingum, they offer a lot of help for anyone who hasn’t quite mastered how to study.

The Student Success Center is a pretty cool place to meet up and study, and you’re guaranteed to be around someone who knows what they’re talking about…that’s always a plus! They do all kinds of neat things too–they’ll even edit through your paper for you, if you get it to them in time.

My biggest problem is keeping focused and actually finding the motivation to study. I’ve found this is easier if you work with a group. It’s also easier if you go somewhere without distractions–such as the computer.

Ultimately, we all figure out how to do what we need to do sooner or later. And with the Student Success Center and the helpful professors at Muskingum, it’s so much easier.

Until next week,



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