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An Anecdote About Laundry, Bad Memory, and a Hero

It’s safe to say that going home for a day and three quarters can easily put a dent in your weekend routine.

So, when I returned Saturday evening…I had a lot to do, and not a lot of time. Of course, I had to go to the Drag Show, which lasted until 2 a.m. And by that point, I was exhausted…so I went to bed. I awoke Sunday morning–okay, it was after noon–to a full schedule of homework.

I reluctantly delved into the mindset of papers, reading, and lab reports. Near supper time, the massive collection of dirty clothes overflowing from the hamper caught my eye.

“OH NO!” I shouted…in my head. “I have to do laundry!” I quickly gathered the overwhelming mass of clothing and whisked it away to the laundry room, where I shoved it in a washer and started the process before heading off to dinner. Swept away in the stories of friends, my mind easily drifted from the clothes tumbling through the rinse cycle. And it stayed away, too, until 11:30 at night.

Saddened, I rushed to the laundry room…fully aware that this meant staying up for another hour, at least. I entered to find a great deal of students performing their laundry duties, and stopped short when I noticed the absence of my bag and detergent. Worried, my eyes quickly scanned the room. There, on top of the dryer, were my clothes–completely dry.

The laundry hero transferred my clothes from washer to dryer and saved me that extra hour of waiting. It was a miracle. I collected my pile and proceeded to my room, eternally grateful to the stranger who saved the day.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. (:


One Response

  1. This is ironic, because I hate it when people do my laundry for me. I would so much prefer them to just leave it wet sitting somewhere. I use specific dryer sheets and I HATE static clothes (they shock you!).

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