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6 weeks left

I cannot believe how fast this semester has flown.
I really think that each semester goes a little quicker than the last.

October was an awesome month on campus between Homecoming and Halloween festivities.

So what does November have in store?
… Thanksgiving of course!

Haha, no but really. This month begins intramural volleyball season, which is one of my personal favorite extracurriculars.

And along with intramural sports, there will be tons of events sprouting up, especially Greek life social events. Including one with the sorority I am a sister in, we have what’s called “graffiti” where we used black lights and hang up sheets and wear white tshirts and write all over everything with hi-lighters.

Granted, course load will be on the rise til finals, it’s hard to focus when there is so many cool things going on around you, and you wish you could do them all.

All in the day of a life of a Muskie.

Talk to you next Wednesday,



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