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The trick to staying awake in a boring class.

Boring classes happen. Especially those LAE requirements you have to fulfill to graduate. There’s no denying that you’re going to take a class sometime in your college career that you aren’t interested in.
Classes that have the potential to put you to sleep.
So how do you avoid slobbering all over your notebook?
I, for one, have learned how to doodle.
Yea, it sounds pretty dumb. Plus then you have all kinds of distracting drawings when you’re studying later on.
But it gets the job done. And if you’re smart about it, it might even help you remember the material.
You don’t have to draw random stuff. You can always draw things relative to the lecture, add some creative flair to an important term, and reiterate what you’re learning as you go.
Trust me, it works.

More advice to come. Have a good week!


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