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Giving Thanks

As this Thanksgiving draws to a close, so many things come to mind that I am thankful for. I am truly thankful for my time at Muskingum. As my second-to-last semester approaches the final weeks, I am beginning to reminisce about my time here at Muskingum.

Over the last four years, I have met so many amazing people, people who have had a tremendous impact on my life. Professors, like Dr. Laura Hilton, who have not only taught me the material in their given courses, but also how to succeed overall in my undergraduate studies. These professors have shown me that teaching and learning is so much more than the material in a class. The professors that have had the greatest impact on me (Dr. Hilton, Dr. Lisa Marshall, Dr. Laura Dolph Bosley, Dr. David Craft) have shown me that teaching is not a job. It is a passion. These professors have shown that they have an incredible passion for teaching, as well as helping their students to succeed. These professors have brought the material from the books for their classes to life. Learning does not have to be a boring, mundane task. It can be a truly enjoyable, life-changing event.

Outside of the classroom, there are many people that have had a great impact on my time at Muskingum. The best example that I have on the faculty side is that of Dr. Lisa Marshall, the station manager for WMCO, the college radio station. Dr. Marshall has been a great support for me. She has also shown me that she believes in me and the work that I do. As a result, I have had many opportunities to represent the radio station, as well as the university. I have had the opportunity to interview school officials, university board members, students, and community members. I have also had the opportunity to host panel discussions, oversee students in radio work, and have an influence overall. There are also many friends that I am incredibly appreciative of. When I came to Muskingum, I hardly knew anybody on campus. As of this year, I have friends who give me a hard time because they say that I know everybody on campus (There are even people who know me by name and start talking to me and I have no clue who they are). Regardless, I am so thankful for each and every person that I have met here. Each person has had a great impact in my life.

Overall, I guess the big thing that I would say is that it is so easy to get to know people at Muskingum. Allow yourself the opportunity to get to know people. Break out of your shell. Yes, the first few weeks of your first semester may be difficult and getting to know people may be awkward. However, allow yourself the chance to get to know people. Before I came to college, I was told many times that some of the most lasting relationships are those that are formed during the college years. As I reach the end, I can firmly say that this is SO TRUE! So, get to know people. It really will change your life.


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