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Rain, rain, go away….

It’s Nov. 28, and there is no white fluffy stuff falling from the sky. There’s plenty of precipitation, but it is not in frozen form.

I am pretty fond of rain. From a distance. Like an indoors looking through the window kind of distance. But I’m really looking forward to some snow. It doesn’t soak through your clothes like rain does…at least, not as fast. And it’s just not as much fun to try and catch rain drops on your tongue.

Nonetheless, today is one of those rainy Muskingum days. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun though. In fact, this morning I made my way to class skipping around rain puddles and hopping over the worms that made their way onto the sidewalk. My personal suggestion, though, is to equip yourself with a nice pair of rain boots. They are perfect for splashing through puddles—making any rainy day a blast.

Unfortunately, my family knows me too well and refuses to buy me a pair. 😉

Regardless of where you are, and where you’ll end up, it’s important to make the best of things. That’s something that is pretty common here on campus. Everyone knows how to have fun—even on rainy days.

Have a great week!



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