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Sickness, Staff, and Support

Hey Everyone,

How is that for an alliteration? Happy Friday to everyone! I am just getting over being pretty sick, I missed almost two weeks of class, but that really isn’t the point of me writing today. I missed a lot of notes, some quizzes, and a few other assignments.

Well after battling what felt like the never ending sickness, I am finally feeling better and had to figure out how to get all my work done and get my excuses to my teachers. This is where the last two S’s come into play, staff and support. I am sure you have heard millions of times how wonderful and supportive our staff and teachers are, but I am going to share with you my experience.

Normally you would have to go see all over your professors with your excuse for missing class, but because I was still stick, that would have taken a lot of effort so my boss who is the director of residence life and the area coordinator for Kelley Patton took care of it for me. That was a great help to begin with.

Then came the hard part, all of the make up work. All of my professors were and still are more than willing to work with me and meet with me to help me get all of my work done. They have all been very understanding and supportive. They’ve offered me extensions, told me they would meet with me, and provided  me with makeup assignments to complete the missed class participation and what not.

I was dreading returning to school after Thanksgiving break, because I was, at the time still sick and was worried about getting all my work done. However, as the week draws to a close I am feeling comfortable, content and healthy.

I could not have gotten through the past few weeks without the help of my professors and other professional staff members here at Muskingum

I hope you have a great weekend and until next time!





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