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It’s the time of year again, just take a breath and study, right? RIGHT! I am writing this blog just after finishing my last class of the semester, which is a very rewarding experience. I only have three more semesters here and I have five under my belt. I can not believe it. However, it’s not time to relax  just yet, because I have a week of finals before I can head home for Christmas shopping, cookies, and relaxation.

Finals week can be a stressful time, but I wanted to share just a few things about Muskingum that make it a little bit better. Our schedule for finals are posted months in advance so you know just when your final is, that definitely makes time  management easier. Second, the student success center has many many study sessions that can help prepare your for your exam. Also, professors may hold their own review sessions and if not they are often available for one on on review times. There are many resources out there that can help you prepare for finals as longas you take advantage of them.

Now, the second thing you may be wondering about is de-stressing. De-stressing is key to keep your own sanity during finals week. One of my favorite things about finals week is late night finals breakfast. What’s that you say? It is breakfast served by faculty and staff here at the school in the dinning hall. It is a lot of fun and it usually starts at ten o’clock at night. It’s a good way to get the week started on a positive note. Another  thing that the school often does is offer a chill out program sponsored by counseling services, mid week. They usually have snacks, coloring pages, de-stressing tips, massages, and some other fun things.

Finals are a stressful time, but they are manageable with the right resources. In one week I will be done for the semester. I couldn’t be more excited.

Until then,




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