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Surviving Finals Week

Well, it’s the first day of finals week!

Brandon has already given you a rundown of how finals work here at Muskingum. He’s also offered some of the ways Muskingum provides to de-stress during finals. If you missed it, I’d look into it. Good stuff.
So, here’s my account of finals week. First things first, you have to figure out how to study. There are a lot of variations here, some people studying intensely and others not at all. I tend to do things the day before. It requires me to actually sit down and do it, and I retain more information than if I were trying to space it out over a week or so.
The second thing you have to figure out is how you’re going to have fun. There’s a lot of extra time during finals week, giving you the chance to study and take a BREAK from studying. Some great ways I have found to enjoy yourself are listening to music (not too loud, there are 23 hour quiet hours), coloring, going on adventures, spending time with friends, watching movies, and acting silly. I know, some of it sounds a little out there. But the biggest part of finals week is learning how to manage stress. And trust me, stressful situation have the potential to yield the most fun.
I have never laughed harder than when it serves as a relief from a mountain of stress.

I can share all my experiences with you, but in the end you have to figure out what works for you. And you will. A lot of college is learning, and there’s definitely a lot of hit and miss. But sooner or later you figure out what works.

Have a great week!



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