Back to School

Hello everyone!
We’re back at it here at Muskingum. The first week of second semester is well under way.
I’m excited for my incredibly busy semester. We have a new adviser for the Black & Magenta this semester, and there are definitely some changes.
More meetings, more responsibility, and hopefully a better paper.
This week’s Special Section focuses on the new solar proposal by the school. Be sure to check out the editorials and more at our website.
As for classes, the first day is always the best day. Syllabus Day, for the majority of the classes, consists of an introduction to the class and going over the requirements, expectations, etc.
Usually, it means pretty short classes with very little effort involved.
I hope everyone is doing well, and I’m excited to keep you updated about what’s going on with the Black & Magenta and just around Muskingum this semester.
Have a great week!


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