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One week down….

Hey there!
Today is a holiday at Muskingum, so it makes for a nice break after the first week of classes.
The second semester is off to a great start, with rush beginning yesterday. I’ve been thinking a lot about campus involvement, both here at Muskingum and just in general.

My freshman year, I wasn’t involved in much. I wrote for the paper, and there at the end of the year became an editor. But otherwise, I attended classes, did homework, and stayed in my room. This year has been completely different. A lot of it had to do with friends, some of it was just the intimidation factor of actually going out and doing something. I’ve been there, and I’ve done it, and I advise you to get involved from the very start.

This year I am heavily involved with campus media, serving as a sections editor and copy editor for the Black & Magenta, as well as generating content for Orbit Media as a whole–which is what we’ve deemed our conversion initiative this year. I’ve gone to different events hosted by groups on campus, I’m becoming involved with the yearbook for course credit, and I’ve most recently accepted an open bid to Alpha Sigma Alpha, a sorority on campus.

My schedule is absolutely insane. I don’t have anywhere near the downtime I did last year, and I really have to focus myself to do homework and the like. But, I love it. I’ve made so many new friends this year alone, and I really enjoy feeling connected to others in a common goal.

So, to summarize: get involved! The sooner you do it, the faster you’re going to find a place you belong. And once you find that groove, things are great.

Have a great week!



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