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My Spin on going Greek

Hey everyone,

I know Kelsey already touched on “Greek Life” from her perspective, so I thought I would add my input on it. Greek life is something I never considered until last semester. Although, almost all of my friends are in greek life, so according to them it was almost inevitable that I would eventually consider joining.

I used to think that greek life wasn’t for me, that I was independent and didn’t want or need to be a part of greek life. I didn’t want to be tied to one organization. I didn’t want to pay for “friends” or do any thing unnecessary to join. I used to think a lot of things about greek life that aren’t true. Three years have changed my perspective on Greek Life a lot.

My perspective on greek life has gone 180. I now understand you aren’t paying for friends, you are paying to do stuff with your friends, to have fun, the money you put into the club comes back to you ultimately. I realized I can still be an independent person and be a part of greek life. Ultimately, I realized I had a lot to gain from joining a greek organization on campus.

In the past couple weeks, my life has already begun to change. I received an open bid from a fraternity on campus and participated in Pledge day this past Saturday. Pledge day is an exciting day, where you just spend time with the club, getting to know the people and what the club is all about. It’s a big day here at Muskingum for a lot of people.

If you take one thing away from reading this, just remember to keep your mind open to all of the wonderful opportunities that are offered, you never know what can come of it.

Have a great weekend!




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