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Socially Awkward? I think not.

Happy Wednesday everyone,

I’m writing today on a topic that is fresh off the press and one that many Muskies are talking about.  

Yesterday, in the Huffington Post, Muskinugm University was named among the most socially awkward colleges in the nation; this is following a article from Inside College.

I’m writing something of a defense, but also a praise for this ranking.  

Because I do feel that Muskingum has a niche for absolutely everyone, and I don’t know of any student who would have a hard time finding a core group of friends or activities that pertain to their interests.  

But I’m also writing on the behalf that I don’t believe that many of my friends or students at Muskingum would consider themselves “socially awkward”.  Now, I could be overgeneralizing, but I don’t think that many Muskies would consider us to be a school for the socially awkward.  

That wasn’t my deciding factor, and for hundreds of others it wasn’t either.  

Take these articles with a grain of salt, because we are much more than a University for the socially awkward, but maybe something is to be said and gained from this ranking as well;

Muskingum is understanding, and accepting, and can be home for anyone, as it is for me and all of my friends and fellow Muskies.

Socially awkward or not, I’m having a great time here, and I’m already fretting its end.

But hey, maybe that’s just because I’m socially awkward and don’t realize it. 😉


These are the links if you would like to check them out yourself:




Until next Wednesday,

Katie Day 


One Response

  1. The college was not named “Socially Awkward,” it was honored as being a school that is welcoming to students who are socially awkward. There is a big difference.

    Being on the Autism Spectrum, I think people who meet me might often consider me “socially awkward.” And as a prospective student of Muskingum, I actually found it being listed as a school welcoming to socially awkward students to be a bonus. Perhaps I have found a school on my list of potential schools that would welcome just as I am, in spite of me not being a “social butterfly.”

    I was saddened to find this blog post and discover that the writer doesn’t appear to be as welcoming to the “socially awkward” as the status from the Huffington Post claims.

    Her statement that, “I don’t believe that many of my friends or students at Muskingum would consider themselves ‘socially awkward,'” seems to directly contradict the idea that this school is welcoming to those who are socially awkward. Or perhaps the socially awkward are welcomed but only into their own little group and the rest of the school is ignorant of their existence (which I would not consider welcoming but rude and sad).

    I truly hope this student is an exception to the school’s beliefs about people who are different and the student is mistaken that the socially awkward don’t exist on this campus.

    I would encourage the blogging student to reach out and meet some students who are maybe a little different from her. Having been in school my whole life with people like her who assume that different is bad, I was hoping that college could be different. Unfortunately, we continue to face people like this who are ignorantly determined that different is a terrible thing. It is hard to be viewed as “different” because you don’t catch social cues or you don’t say the right things.

    From one Katie to another, find someone who is “socially awkward” and make friends, we really are normal people who just act a little different. I promise we don’t bite!

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