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Hey Followers, I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

College is a wonderful place to find yourself and be who you really are. College is one of the best places to find out who you really are be comfortable with yourself. Colleges and Universities are a place of education, where you discuss a variety of topics. For most students this is their first time on their own as well. College is a brand new experience.

Acceptance is a huge part of college, I mean that is where the whole journey begins. First you are accepted to the school. However, that is not the acceptance I am referring to. I am referring to social acceptance. College is a safe place to experience new things and learn about yourself and others. Furthermore, I feel as though Muskingum is a safe place to learn who you are and be who you are. This includes everything from accepting yourself to respecting others as well. Muskingum is a great place of acceptance.

As president of the Equality Alliance here at Muskingum University, I personally believe our school is very accepting of not only people of different sexualities, but also different races, religious backgrounds, and anyone else really. It is a comfortable and safe place to find yourself here and for now I am going to leave you with the quote on my bulletin board this month.

“Acceptance is key.”




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