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Senator John H. Glenn Jr.

This past Monday was declared “John Glenn Friendship 7 Day”, with the celebration of Senator Glenn’s historic flight around the earth in 1962.

It goes without saying that New Concord is more than a little proud of their hometown boy, and even still today when someone isn’t sure where New Concord is or knows anything about Muskingum the first name I always drop is Senator Glenn.

Today, both Senator Glenn and Annie are members of Muskingum’s Board of Trustees, which provides an opportunity for them to usually visit campus at least once or twice a year.

What I have always enjoyed the most about the Glenn’s visiting campus has always been the fact that they are never above the students, always obliging to take a picture or just to shake a hand of a current Muskie. You get the real sense that they not only care about this institution itself, as well as the community, but the students who fill it too.

I’ve been blessed to have numerous run -ins with Senator Glenn and Annie, the first was in 2002 when I was a 6th grader. My parents brought me to New Concord for the first time to see the opening of the John and Annie Glenn Historic Site, which is John’s boyhood home that was renovated and moved to the middle of main street, just feet short of being directly across from the College Drive Entrance.

(it’s arguable I may have had Muskingum in my blood, because when he went up in 1998 and I was in the second grade, I couldn’t get enough information about this Ohio man who would wind up being the oldest man in space.)

However, this day in 2002 provided me with a great first introduction to this beautiful campus and also, a picture in a local newspaper, as well as a signed copy of a 1962 Life magazine (I think that was more for my dad) , as well as a signed copy of his book. Oh, and also, the first time I met the Senator and his wife.

Since becoming a Muskie, I have had two other really great opportunities to speak with the Glenn’s; one being last April of 2011, where Senator Glenn was gracious enough to take a picture of two sorority sisters and I while he and Annie were in town for the dedication of a new building on campus.

My favorite experience has definitely been what happened to me this last October, however. I’ve mentioned before how I have been working in the archives for the 175th Anniversary, and this past October, the other three students and our two faculty members presented to the board just what we would be doing come April.

To be able to enjoy dinner and present to not only the Board of Trustees and the President of Muskingum University, Anne Steele, was an honor for us, however, presenting in front of John and Annie Glenn was easily one of the coolest things about looking out into the crowd that day.

It goes without saying that I am thankful to be here, but also, extremely thankful for the opportunities I have had while here.

Not many students can say, “John and Annie Glenn are on the Board of Trustees at my college, oh, and I’ve had dinner with them”, and I am so incredibly thankful that I can say that.

Having the opportunity to interact with people like the Glenn’s is a true blessing, they are easily two of the kindest, most generous and just incredibly interesting people I’ve ever met, and I have Muskingum to thank for these opportunities.

And to be honest, Senator Glenn and Annie both sold themselves the first time I met them in 2002, I think I was in love with this little campus and college immediately.

Check out the pictures and this link from the Admissions web page for more information on John and Annie Glenn and “Friendship 7 Day”.

Happy Wednesday,

Admissions: John Glenn Update

*the picture of the three young ladies and Senator Glenn in the admissions web page is myself and two close friends of mine, Nan Jones and Taylor Arnold.




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