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“Change in life is inevitable and often times acceptance of change is the struggle.”

This is a quote I personally have been clinging to lately. College is definitely a time of change, but what is life without change really? A person without change can’t grow and experience new things. When you go to college you must be prepared to open yourself up to change.

Looking back now at the past three years I have experienced a lot of change, especially this year. When I think back three years, where I am now is not where I would’ve predicted I would be. This is something I’ve learned is okay. I’ve changed, yes, but I have also grown as well. There is nothing negative to the changes I have experienced. For example, I would’ve never guessed that I would join greek life and I am glad I did.

My message today is simple followers, be open to change. Change is good, it means new experiences, new friends, and growth. Theses all sound like great things and everyday brings something new.




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